Hello Kitty Tarot Cards

Not satisfied to simply take over mainstream religion, Hello Kitty also has delved into the alternatives such as these tarot cards:

Hello Kitty tarot cards

Hello Kitty tarot cards death

Hello Kitty tarot cards lonely

Hello Kitty tarot cards money

It doesn’t surprise me in the least bit that Hello Kitty believes that she can predict your future (and I’m sure she knows the Hellish future that she has in store for me…and I can only imagine that this makes her silently giggle – since she doesn’t have a mouth – with great pleasure). I also have no doubt that the death card would show up time and again in any reading I had…

Of course, my wife see this as yet another positive that Hello Kitty has brought to the world: “If people would let Hello Kitty’s love inside by using these cards, their future would be so much brighter and filled with love.”

The Hello Kitty high priestess has undoubtedly blessed upon me yet another day in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by many readers all of which should have to listen to the future predictions of Hello Kitty and live with them for having enough time to find these. You can see the entire set at samiam010203’s flickr photo set

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20 Responses to Hello Kitty Tarot Cards

  1. TeratoMarty says:

    OK, the little bunny-hat death guy is entertaining. Behold how the kawaii elephantlet falls before the Cute Reaper! Flee, ye trouser-wearing piglet, lest ye be next!

  2. magpie says:

    oh bloody hell! i hates the kitty but i must have. the ability to appall my new age coworkers (especially the one the little piggy is clearly modeled after) is just too rich to pass up.

  3. Siouxie says:

    As a pagan, I think this is so cool! I love she’s going metaphysical!

  4. Jessi says:

    IIRC, this has not actually been published…yet.

  5. dkwok says:

    Not like you don’t have enough to write about. This website will make you puke kitties.

  6. Megann says:

    Does your wife actually say that? She’s so cheesy.
    “Their futures would be so much brighter and filled with love.”
    I’m sorry dude. haha

  7. Jam says:

    I think they could have made them cuter.

  8. thisdaydreamer says:


    This pagan is happily sticking with the Robin Wood tarot deck.

    Pardon me, but I really need to find a wastebasket to puke into.

  9. Jaya says:

    OK, I am publicly confessing that
    I want a deck of Hello Kitty tarot
    cards. They’re irresistible!!

  10. jbizzle says:

    “Behold how the kawaii elephantlet falls before the Cute Reaper! Flee, ye trouser-wearing piglet, lest ye be next!”


  11. sadie says:

    this really makes me want to learn tarot!!

  12. manda says:

    LOL i dont know if i can believe some of your wife’s quotes.

  13. Nico says:

    oh man. I actually love hello kitty.
    My god.

  14. Alfred says:

    My set is in B&W not color.

  15. Heavenly says:

    I seriously hope that My Melody in a black cape comes to get me when I die.

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  17. Elizabeth says:

    Uglier than I thought it would be, I was hoping for tongue in cheek humor for these cards but i guess thats too much to hope for.

  18. hello kitty says:

    i am chinese i love kitty very much i want to buy kitty tarot cards in china but …not have sorry my english is poor could you sell your tarot cards to me or buy another one for me i’ll pay for it thank you!!!! please mail me!!

  19. Vanessa says:

    you can buy a full color deck on Etsy. The cutest card is the tower card…its hilarious.
    I would post a link to the store on Etsy that sells them but I dont think ol’man Kitty Hell would allow it…

  20. ren says:

    the Japanese hello kitty tarot cards are also cute

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