Hello Kitty Religion

You probably assumed that Hello Kitty Hell could not get any worse, but as I have said time and again, Hello Kitty has a way of always topping herself. So it should come as no surprise that Hello Kitty Hell has gone into a completely new realm with the introduction of Hello Kitty religion. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists – heck, even Scientologists have no reason to disagree with one another now that Hello Kitty has established her own religion.

Hello Kitty religion

Yes, Hello Kitty Hell has been bad, but having to look at Hello Kitty as the new deity certainly shows that it has been nothing up to this point (yep, hard for me even to believe those words came out). I wonder if this means I will have to go and pray weekly to a character that has no mouth (“because you can tell what Hello Kitty feels through your heart” – doesn’t that sound kind of cult religious creepy?)

54 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Religion

  1. She walk’s like an angel, talk’s like an angel…yet she’s the devil in desguise! (i’ll just let the poor spelling slide, please, alright? 😛 :) ^^)

    No matter what you think of Hello Kitty, this post has a bit of something for every possable ‘taste’ one may have twards her….;) *winks*

  2. I’ve been reading this blog for a few weeks but I haven’t really been shocked about fanatism so much until this picture.
    At this point I’m beginning to wonder if Hello Kitty Hell really IS that bad compared to Hello Kitty Heaven…

  3. I will send you $20 if you can help me find the video that might have been a link in your website hello kitty hell it had on it a boatride across the water a lady with a white face and a snake around her body thanks in advance

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