Hello Kitty Pizza

I made a comment in one of my previous posts that Hello Kitty is on everything except pizza and beer and that in time, she will probably be on those too. Well, it seems that one of those can be crossed off the list with the introduction of Hello Kitty pizza:

Hello Kitty pizza

Hello Kitty pizza

There aren’t many things in life that can stop me from eating pizza, but this is one of them. There is something seriously wrong in the world when pizza is being made in the shape of the evil feline’s head with a slab of mystery meat as her bow.

Of course, this plays right into my wife’s ultimate goal of serving only Hello Kitty food and she is already searching the local stores to see if we can get some to try. Yet one more reason to note that things can always get worse in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Andrea who really should have to eat only Hello Kitty food for the rest of her life for thinking that it could in any way be a good idea to bring this to my wife’s attention.

Update: Even after all this, people think that attempts at Hello Kitty pizza is a good idea:

hello kitty pizza

Sent in by Gloria

Sent in by joe (via capitu)

Sent in my renaldo

square Hello Kitty pizza with olives

Sent in by sally

hello kitty pizza full body

Sent in by Amy

100 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Pizza

  1. …Hmm… I like that it’s in a shape other than a circle, but it looks sort of gross…Sorta watery… But maybe that’s just because of how long it was microwaved…
    I wonder how it tastes.

  2. how disgusting! but by the way … even if this shouldn’t be a hello kitty pizza … it doesn’t look very tasty! humans are crazy!

  3. OK, I like Hello Kitty…..but this pizza looks GROSS.

    The cheese slathered all over it and the oil looks revolting!

  4. im a BIG fan of hellokitty but tha pizza is way to far .ok i aggree with accessories like hairdryers,fridges,phones,bags stuff for your room ecetera BUT pizza is just stupid.you could say i worship it but not enough to eat that manky thing ewww its grosse HK needs to either let go of the fact that human kind is no match for her…or she needs cooking lessons :S

  5. Hello Kitty meets Freddie Krouger lol. I love pizza but i wouldn’t eat that if i was starving and there was nothing else to eat. Darlene get over your self

  6. That pizza looks more disgusting than what the schools over here in the states feed us students. And trust me I never thought it was possible for something to be THAT disgusting until I saw this.

  7. If you really do live in Japan/China/Korea, why don’t you just grab your wife and haul your ass to America? That way she can’t possibly find all that horrific HK crud!

  8. that is just wrong. i am all for little hello kitty cheeses or items where you can tell it is her, but this looks like hello kitty after she got run over by a new york city cab. …

  9. Well, if, God forbid, you ever do find yourself being force-fed this, you can keep telling yourself, “Hello Kitty ROAD pizza, Hello Kitty ROAD pizza… “

  10. dont judge the book by its cover, yea. just like that pizza,its look pretty gross,lol but lets give it a try, who knows? might one of the delicious pizza ;D

  11. I weep for humanity, that one should choose to draw sustenance from such a vile image… do you not know that by consuming such you are swallowing a fate worse than death? this is the face of hell-o kitty as it really is, an unrecognizable charred face of a cat demon straight from hell… upon first bite, you will become possessed and shall forever remain its minion…

  12. You dare call my image cat vomit? You sicken me. When I take over the world, you shall regret ever doubting me for a moment…

  13. holy hell. That looks discusting. Hope ya never have to eat that (actually I do since it’d be funny as fun but I’m being nice)

  14. This is disgusting and ridiculous. If you are so obsessed with Hello Kitty and you’d be willing to eat this crap you might as well shape it into her face and make one worth buying and eating.

  15. this looks alright… But I rather make my own HK pizza at home with my favortie toppings. What I want is for HK to have hello kitty lunchables if ders non already.

  16. That bow is disgusting…the first HK pizza is wholly unappetizing :s! The lower HK pizza is somewhat more acceptable…still though…

  17. All off you Hello kitty haters are retarded. Sure, we all get that you hate the greasy pizza and all but really. Get a life. There are many greasy disgusting pizzas out there that you have probably tried. Many of us had pizza. HELLO? This is what our world is like. Full of fat people. I rest my case.

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