Hello Kitty Sexy Nightmare

I know it’s going to be a really bad Hello Kitty Hell day when something like this arrives in my mailbox. Seriously, this is what my nightmares are made of:

Hello Kitty sexy

This is just so wrong on so many different levels that I don’t even have words to describe how much it scares me. The worst part being that Hello Kitty fanatics think that this is sexy and would be something that would turn men on. Damn, I’m not going to be able to sleep well for the rest of the month now with this image branded into my brain and I will fear walking in the door for even longer on the chance that this has given some type of inspiration to my wife. Once again, Hello Kitty Hell proves it can always get worse…

Sent in by devin who should have to date a woman just like this for the rest of his life (and even after death) for the trauma caused when I saw this and for thinking for even an instant that sending this to me would be a good idea…

81 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sexy Nightmare

  1. errr…this is something else. not very sexy though.

    darlene…why are you even on this website if you can not enjoy the humor!

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  3. I am probably am as rabid a fan as Darlene to HK, but’s it’s about innocence and friendship. Sanrio hates Hk porn sites and crude ripoffs, that is so disgusting. Not a thing for Dear Daniel or the Hk wedding stuff.

  4. All horror aside I wouldn’t pose in my unmentionables for a pic to post online even with a mask on and my body is much better then the models. Even without the mask she wouldn’t be sexy, for God’s sake at least have the decency to suck your stomach in or photoshop it.
    Bunny ears are one thing though I don’t find Playboy bunnies sexy either, a stuffed animal head is an entirely different story. How could you seriously lower yourself to have sex with a man whose fantasy is to screw a stuffty?

  5. Oh you’re a BAD KITTY…A BAD KITTY! Does kitty need a spanking? What? Kitty wants to play nice? Purr for me kitty…PURRR!

  6. oh…my…holy…cow. i have a halloween party coming up i wouldn’t even consider wearing that…it would be a mass suicide with everyone who saw it. and to be honest, i’d have to kill myself for wearing something that hideous..oh well the cat head with no breathing holes will probably kill me anyway. It must be Sanrios way of killing off the stupid people, make them wear a cat head, with no holes in it. Mwahaha! Good work Sanrio!

  7. Er….. I would love to meet the guy that gets turned on by that. Just look him in the eye & tell him him that he’s well messed up….I’m into a lot of things but a big HK head looming towards me in the heat of the moment? I’m gnna pass…. No further comment necessary….

  8. Wow….. I thought the whole idea was pretty cute. That is, before i saw the furry HK mask.. A man must have some weird HK fetish to get off something like that..

  9. Why does she have a hello kitty thing on her head…
    Just.. wha.. I’m just so confused… Why?
    What purpose? She’s just.. Why? My head hurts from hello kitty hell overload. I am so sorry for you. You should lock your wife in your trunk and burn your house to the ground. Just do it and don’t look back.

  10. darlene, darling, your man must be twice as crazy as you, if he actually, truly LIKES this.
    Seriously. No different than a playboy bunny in a-are you insane!? OF COURSE it is different, they don’t wear bunnyMASKS, they wear bunny EARS.
    Of course, if I was still with my exgirlfriend and she waited for me at the door in nothing but underwear and with handcuffs in her hand, I would most likely pounce on her right away.
    If, however, she was wearing a HK mask I’d be utterly disturbed and run to the nearest psychologist, needing therapy for life.

    I swear when I saw the picture I jumped back and gagged.
    I couldn’t speak for what seemed like hours and I think I am scarred for life…

  11. To all you people freaking out because it has no air holes: thats the point. Any girl who would wear that in the bedroom deserves top die.

  12. Well to be honest, that would be a turn off for me too.

    But if you think its so horrible, why are you looking for this stuff?
    If some hello kitty fanatic (or any fanatic really) comes up to you and starts annyoing you, just tell them to shut up and walk away. Why are you wasting your time making a site about something you hate, when you could be using that time to do something productive (or more productive) and fun for you?
    Or do you like to be mad? I dont get the mentality of the people nowadays. “Lets go bash Gays!” “Lets insult some black people!” “Lets go tell some emos they suck!” “Lets tell some furs to go to hell!”… Why? They wont change….

    P.S. I am none of the above and I dont like hello kitty, but seriously, why do you do that stuff?

  13. darlene i pray that we will never cross paths…i dont know what kind of world you live in…but in the real world this is fuckin beastiality so yeh…i think you should put on the head so we dont have to listen to your diarrhea thats invading my hello kitty free world…thanks

  14. I feel like I ALMOST wanna call shenanigans on this picture….but I also feel like it could very well be real. The head looks too small. :/ Hmm, I guess we’ll never know. Diggin the undies set and handcuffs though otherwise.

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