Hello Kitty Sexy Nightmare 2

I knew I had another Hello Kitty Hellish day coming when I opened up my email this morning. We already have established that the mixture of Hello Kitty and anything sexy is bound to produce something that is horror movie nightmarish and no matter how hard people try, Hello Kitty doesn’t make you hot and sexy. While Hello Kitty fanatics can’t seem to comprehend this universal truth, the following photo once again proves the point in the worst of ways:

Hello Kitty s&m

Once again, I find myself speechless, ripping at my eyes in a futile attempt to make the image go away. Of course, it has been indelibly branded into the deepest part of my brain for eternity to appear with the other horrible Hello Kitty images as I sleep to make sure that I endure Hello Kitty Hell in both my waking and sleeping hours…

Sent in by devin who should have to be locked up in a room with this woman for even thinking that sending this photo to me could ever be a good idea. In his “growing scarier by the submission” attempt to prove to me that Hello Kitty and woman in combination can be sexy, he has made me feel that celibacy might not be as bad an option as I once imagined…

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49 Responses to Hello Kitty Sexy Nightmare 2

  1. Vi says:

    okay that is really creepy.

  2. Nami says:

    oh wow….. and what’s with the whip?

  3. Vi says:

    but since 60% of the picture is dark it can be possibly photoshopped… for whatever reason

  4. Kitteh!! says:

    Once again the HK head spoils an otherwise sexy (well if you’re into that sort of thing anyway) photo.

  5. Cyn says:

    huh????? There are girls out there who think this is sexy? Please someone tell the them the truth.

    Any self respected guy would run away from such a thing, I’m not a guy, but I wouldn’t want to date one who think this picture is hot!

  6. andophiroxia says:

    Hello Pedo?

    I know that’s a grown woman, but still Hello Kitty is mostly for little girls….

  7. Stacey says:

    Yikes. I love Hello Kitty a pretty unhealthy amount, and even I think that’s creepy. Kitty is cute and precious and adorable, but she is not a sex kitten. Blegh.

  8. Kitteh!! says:

    As I say, it’s the use of the HK head that’s the issue. Everything else, even the basic concept of a hood cover all the head features, is a potential or actual turn-on for some people. Usual references to altdotsex domains apply.

  9. Courtney says:


    cute lingere tho :]

  10. RSKS says:

    maybe she’s trying to get male teenagers, now.

  11. mhkitty says:

    I have not comment other than ‘ick’…
    What is wrong with some people????????

  12. moriyah says:

    Ummmm…. weird fetishes out there…

  13. Allen says:

    omg the evil temptress is back! *stabs eyes out with a fork*

  14. darlene says:

    This is so typical of you! And the only nightmare is this blog and having to read all your rubbish.

    Just because you have no artistic eye, don’t go around bashing it. This woman has a beautiful body and is extremely sexy. Most men would love to have the opportunity to meet this woman. The Hello Kitty head brings in a “cute” and “fun” aspect to it. Who doesn’t want to have a cute, sexy and fun time with their partner. It seems you are the only one.

    Once again you show your ignorance and prove again that this blog has no basis in reality.

  15. Flying Potato says:


    [Good to have you back, darlene! =D I wouldn't want to have a sexy time with a cat plush though :S ]

  16. Eize says:

    darlene is miffed that you’re bashing her MySpace pic, Mr. HKH.

  17. . says:

    I don’t doubt your hello kitty hatred, but I think you lie about your life. I think your wife is imaginary, and I don’t think any one sentences their husband to a night in a sleeping bag.

  18. Alex says:

    Now who forces darlene to read this blog?

    Anyone? Anyone?


  19. Stratagemini says:

    Are we sure that’s a Woman? Not that the idea of a Man in that outfit would be much better.

    Oh Dear, I just made that Hello Kitty Hell a little hotter haven’t I?


  20. Jesse says:

    I love how Darlene goes on about how EVERY guy would want that girl, yet every single post here, has said otherwise, and then stating “Once again you show your ignorance and prove again that this blog has no basis in reality.” See….everyone here agrees with HKH’s “reality”….however, I believe Darlene, is in a different reality. So, when you see things from her perspective, she has a point…but don’t try to see things from her perspective, opening up holes into different realities (especially pink japanese ones) is dangerous shit.

  21. . says:

    I love Hello Kitty and Mimi and My Melody and Little Twin Stars and Chococat and Cinnamaroll…And I want to own most of the things on this blog. However, I do not think that is sexy, I think it is creepy.

  22. Kitteh!! says:

    The colsest I can get to a “yes” comment, other than from Darlene, is my acceptance that some people would find a hooded woman a turn-on (yes I might, in certain circumstances, but don’t even think about going there unless you already have a physical relationship with me, and none of you do). Even then I say specifically that the HK head is a turn-off.

  23. Kitteh!! says:

    Aaaahhggg!!! “The closest…”

  24. mhkitty says:

    Okay, being a woman I would not want to wear that crap!

    Darlene: Want to start a mass exodux? Why don’t you start and we’ll follow……..I promise :)

  25. Alfred says:

    I agree Darlene the girl is HOT!


    I bet yr pretty cute yrself love. (:

  26. Kelly says:

    That Hello Kitty face thing is so wrong! It doesn’t even look like it anyway…and the lingerie is spew! I agree with you MHKItty…wouldn’t wanna wear that in a million years.

  27. Nami says:

    Darlene’s comment that most men want to meet a woman like this is really screwed up…. I mean who in the hell want to make out with a woman with a hello kitty head? I mean even if I was a lesbian, I would not be wanting some Hello kitty giving me head…

  28. Kitteh!! says:

    Er, the whole point of lingerie is not how much the woman likes it; it’s how much it makes the man want to take it off her. ;-> On which basis this set is a win, apart from the HK head, which makes it into an epic lose.

  29. mhkitty says:

    Okay, I’ve gotten some opinions from my guy friends here at work and they ALL say thumbs down to this mess!
    No way in Hello Kitty Hell would they touch it… (of course then they ask if I have a mask since I have a ton of HK stuff at my desk… first, I tell them hell no, then I tell them to get their minds out of the gutter!)

  30. Kitteh!! says:

    As is, I wouldn’t touch it either, but with a different hood, or bare head, I might.
    As I say, the point of lingerie is for you to make a man want to take it off you.

  31. Silent Bob says:

    I want to see a Hello Kitty does Dallas movie!
    Just imagine seeing that face screaming and yelling F**** Me F*** Me!. it would be like watching a train wreck, you know you shouldn’t watch but you just cant look away.

  32. VanessaActual says:

    Ok, this photo is not hot. Artistic and strange yes, but In my perfect hello kitty universe, Ms.Kitty is not a Dominatrix. How can she yell at her submissive if she has no mouth? Duh. This must be an Imposter! Sent in to decieve Daniel! OMG! Get her! Ok Ill stop. My boyfriend is too in hello kitty hell if you have not deducted that already. BUT he did think it was too hot when I wore my hello kitty ear muffs and rain boots in winter while we (deleted). Oh yes Hello Kitty IS a sexy sneaky little kitten, dont be fooled.

  33. mhkitty says:

    @Silent Bob: I swear I almost fell out of my chair here at work laughing like a maniac when I read your post!

  34. IVELISSE says:

    ew wats with da clothes ..!!!

  35. brenda says:

    whoa- red slutty lingerie and a hello kitty head—wont you suffocte with that thing on your head …..

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  37. Dmndash says:

    “This is so typical of you! And the only nightmare is this blog and having to read all your rubbish.”
    Well Darlene honey..nobody freakin’ made you watch this blog…and no…a grown up man would not seem the prospect of spending a night with a kitty-head-hybrid-woman very cheering…
    i wonder if she chokes in that thing?

  38. patchess113 says:

    I think 90% of the men on this blog are lying or gay.

  39. lynn says:

    for the first time in my life hello kitty scared me :(

  40. hello kitty lover says:

    although i have to say that her head should be bigger 4 her body shes still sexy though

  41. Cody says:

    Darlene needs to get some cute and sexy fun time

  42. Mike says:

    Darlene, I find you are saying things from a man’s perspective, and are making incorrect assumptions based on that theoretical.

    When you ASSUME you make an ASS of U and ME!

  43. KillerKitty says:

    That is not sexy
    its inhuman HK just
    ruined a perfectly good

  44. jasmine cupcake says:

    mmm im having wet dreams tonight!

  45. Amara says:

    I’m not a violent person but I think I would seriously punch my boyfriend if he wanted me to wear a Hello Kitty mask during sex…or actually anytime. It’s disturbing to the hilt.

    Wait…is this the same Darlene who said every girl wants a Hello Kitty Dream Wedding? Maybe a 5-year old girl but hey don’t rule Disney and Barbie out of the dream weddings of little girls. Well just try wearing that mask and see how many guys line up to have sex with you who aren’t all of the following things: Extremely Desperate, Depraved, Insane, Drunk, and High.

  46. Tibz says:

    And here I thought the point of Hello Kitty was to be cute. Not that I agree with that, but at least that would be plausible, HK being targeted (initially, at least) to little girls. That photo is just so wrong in so many ways.

    Also, I would like to meet this woman, but only to ask her how much they paid her to wear a Hello Kitty head. I can only imagine it’d be a really high price.

  47. fern says:

    im scared……..

  48. Centurion616 says:

    Why does that picture make me think of Pyramid Head? Maybe that’s his daughter…

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