Hello Kitty Hairy Foot Tattoo

Hello Kitty tattoos are disturbing. Hello Kitty tattoos on men are even more disturbing. Hello Kitty tattoos on the hairy feet of men with painted toe nails take disturbing to a new level:

Hello Kitty hairy foot tattoo

I have no idea why people feel compelled to send me photos like this because there is absolutely no good that can come from showing images like this to anyone, especially me when I want to keep all my food down.

Sent in by Kat who deserves to have a boyfriend with a Hello Kitty tattoo on his hairy foot for even imagining that sending this to me would be a good idea…

55 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Hairy Foot Tattoo

  1. I don’t like hello kitty at all, but I agree with the comments about whwn you are handsome, who cares about masculinity, what is masculinity? The one who says he has a girlfriend, nonetheless he paint his nails.
    What is this think about dispreciate what some girls like, or is “for girl”, but girls would be such mindless adult children emotion driven, poor thing they must be forgiven. Well, I don’t think so about girls. Many boys like what girls like and vice-versa, but they like girls anyway. Nothing bad about being gay at all. But insecure men abuse of this as a label. they think they should demonstrate they are men. Well as long as a boy likes girls and female body (and the person inside, I hope) and doesn’t like to engage sex with another boy he is not gay neither bisexual, whatever he shares with girls or whatever he act.

  2. Thats not a real tattoo. It is too small, too white, and placed too low on the foot where it will fall out. If your gonna do the pedicure thing, go for the wax job too. Whatever.

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