Hello Kitty Baby

Once again Hello Kitty Hell proves that it can always get worse…

You knew it had to happen eventually. If Hello Kitty fanatics were willing to place Hello Kitty heads on cats and dogs, it didn’t take much of a leap to know they would eventually do it to their own babies as well:

Hello Kitty baby

This is so obviously wrong that I don’t know where to even begin. Isn’t there a law somewhere that states completely humiliating your child for the rest of their life is some sort of child abuse? If there isn’t, this is the perfect proof that there should be.

Of course, my wife thinks this is “the cutest thing ever” which means that I will have to endure something similar if we ever have kids. While I do worry that such antics will scar the kids for life, I’m sure that having to deal with Hello Kitty child cuteness will scar me far more since it will only fuel the Hello Kitty Hell flames taking it to a whole other level…

Sent in by Mhkitty who should be punished in unthinkable ways for putting the thought of this into my wife’s mind and seeding my nightmares for the rest of the month…

56 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Baby

  1. Poor kid has no idea what’s happening, just loves the attention.

    But seriously, as bad as this is, this isn’t the worst a child has been forced to wear. I mean, look at all the frilly stuff on the web. Does even half of that seriously look comfortable?

    Still, I hope that’s a girl, otherwise the poor little guy will be humiliated in about five or ten years.

  2. “The baby loves the head as would anyone who was able to wear it. Why else would she be smiling as much as she is?”

    Hello?? She is a BABY!!!! As long as they’re fed, well-rested, and don’t have crap in their diaper, babies will smile for anything!! Besides, how would she know what is trying to swallow her python-style?

    “There really should be a law that says close minded and disgruntled bloggers that make up lies left and right about Hello Kitty should be thrown in jail with the key thrown away.”
    Does that mean you, too?

  3. That’s a halloween costume, I worked at a costume shop last halloween and we had them in baby sizes up to like 4x toddler.

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