Hello Kitty Piano

In Hello Kitty’s never ending quest to always make things worse than she already has, she has moved beyond the Hello Kitty roll up piano and decided to brand a full size piano as well…

Hello Kitty piano

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It does actually look like someone downed several bottles of Pepto Bismol and then decided to regurgitate it up all over their piano (which is quite ironic since that is the exact thing that I want to do when I look at this), but this is what Hello Kitty (and her fanatic followers) believe is a “cute” color.

Of course, because of its extreme cuteness (did you know that you can tell how cute a Hello Kitty fanatic thinks an item of the evil feline is by how high their voice goes when they tell you how cute it is? If you did, then you have passed one of the many tests that let you know you live in Hello Kitty Hell and I send my deepest sympathies) my wife thinks that this would be something that would be perfect for our house. Never mind that she doesn’t play the piano (we have already established that Hello Kitty fanatics don’t have to actually use any of the things that they buy, especially musical instruments) or want to learn how to. Once again we see that no matter how bad Hello Kitty Hell gets, there is always the opportunity of it getting worse…

Left in the comments by KT (via markoniinimaki) who really deserves to have to play this instrument everyday for the rest of her life and stare at the pink for imagining that this could ever be a good idea to leave the photo in the comments for me to find…

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32 Responses to Hello Kitty Piano

  1. bear_1 says:

    That much pink on ANYTHING is wrong, and with HK on top of that, it makes me want to upchuck.

    And before you say anything Darlene, this is a preemptive “Shut up!”. I know you won’t listen, but I’ll keep saying it anyway.

  2. Eize says:

    I think the late great Liberace might like this. XD

  3. Cafe Alpha says:

    I have trouble putting my finger on why I find this one disturbing when I pretty much approve of every other hello kitty product on the site.

    I imagine that if you could resurrect Beethoven or Bach and sit them down at the hello kitty piano, your aesthetic appreciation might be spoiled by all that severe branding.

    I could imagine Fats Domino overpowering the kitty though. He could rock anything.

    And if you sat Liberace at this piano, in his full bling regalia, he would probably love it, but HK might feel a little put off.

  4. mhkitty says:


  5. Kitteh!! says:

    Who actually makes the piano (frame, wires and keyboard etc)? I mean, is it actually a decent piano or yet another piece of cheap tat with a high pricetag?

  6. liz says:

    awww it’s perfect!!!!…………………………………………..

    FOR A 10-YEAR-OLD GIRL who’s born in a RICH family
    and has her own fantasy pink room.

    otherwise…..leave it alone please.

  7. RSKS says:

    yeah….thats pretty scary…. and darlene this has nothing to do with macho-ness or him against his wife, seriously thats just too much.

  8. RSKS says:

    also Darlene i’m curious on what YOU think hello kitty is about, acuse appearently everyone elses opinion doesn’t matter to you.

  9. jennster says:

    and you know that piece of crap cost a mint too!

  10. Gina says:

    Any little girl who’s parents would actually get this for her…… needs to be kicked.

    spoiled brats.

    I admit, its kinda cute though.


  11. Flying Potato says:

    Even if it wasn’t HK, I wouldn’t want a piano that looks like a toy anyway…

  12. darlene says:

    Why is it that you have no clue about what Hello Kitty represents? Music and Hello Kitty go perfectly together because they both bring joy to the world. Together, it’s that much better. This is wonderful and I wish that I had it and most people feel the same way. Your lies and comments show everyone that you are clueless and can’t be trusted.

    Do you want to know what is ironic? It’s ironic that every time I read your blog I also want to throw up. I guess that doesn’t say much for your blog.

  13. k says:

    That is ugly! Nothing more need be said.

    Darlene-why do you read the blog if it makes you puke? That’s just pure stupidity.

  14. k says:

    That is ugly!

    Darlene-why do you read the blog if it makes you puke? That’s just pure stupidity.

  15. bear_1 says:

    Darlene- “This is wonderful and I wish that I had it and most people feel the same way.”

    Just who in the hell are these “most people” you keep talking about? Because most us who reside here on planet Earth and read this blog seem to NOT like it! And if reading this blog makes you want to throw up, then there’s a ridiculously simple solution: DON”T READ IT!!!

  16. ghost says:

    i wonder if it’d burn well…….. it might be worth the cost to find out, and think of the emotional gain by burning that piece of crap! maybe you could light it with a hello kitty lighter or matches, since its almost a given that there are those out there too

  17. Megan says:

    well, i love it! i dont know what you guys problem is! just because you dont like it doesnt mean that other people cant!

  18. Clay says:

    Darlene… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… If you don’t like this blog then STOP COMING HERE!!!

  19. Suzanne says:

    I like hello kitty but I don’t know… something about this piano irks me. Maybe I’m losing interest?

  20. Antinous says:

    I mostly come here for Darlene. I’m convinced that her comments must be some sort of coded message. They always consist of the same dozen or so words arranged into marginally different configurations.

  21. Stefan says:

    Hmmm I can hear it play the Helloween-theme on it’s own!

  22. Kelly says:

    This is the piano at Sanrio Puroland, i don’t think they would mass make it, so your wife couldn’t buy it anyway.

  23. Kisa says:

    Oh no.. I found myself oddly thinking it wasn’t too terrible looking. Take the hello kitty head off and it’d be a cute pink piano *hides* it would be beautiful in a rose themed room and all..
    ack!! what am I saying?! o.O

  24. GHN says:

    Do my eyes deceive me, or does that monstrosity even have _PINK KEYS_???!?


  25. stuart says:

    that is the most discusting thing i have ever seen

  26. hello kitty hell guest.....person....thingy..... says:

    Darlene……..IF EVERY TIME YOU VISIT THIS SITE YOU THROW UP THEN WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP ON COMING BACK??? You live in your own little world, talking about how hello kitty brings everlasting joy. If that is true then why do people like hello kitty hell’s creator make sites like this?
    If it is a hello kitty piano which i’m quite certain it is, I imagined it to be a bit more………..kitti-ish, pink and more depressingly sad….lol

  27. Ana Pereira says:

    mesures and price

  28. Ahmedito says:

    Oh my God… I hope my wife never sees this. Our house is already a Hello Kitty hell, I don’t want her invading my studio as well.

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  30. Haley says:

    this says to all your friends, “look at me, i spent $10000 on a hello kitty piano! Im a moron!”

  31. tiffany says:

    wow how cool i just brought one for$10000 for my sister louise shes going to love it so much she going to love me for everever it’s my siters birthday today so if your on her louise HAPPY BIRTHDAY do any of you guys have a brother or sister i’ve got a brother James and a sister Louise we always argue but we make up in the end i love her so much even though she gets on my nevers we get through thats why i broght her a hello kitty piano shes going to love it so much when i get some pics of her on it i’ll put them on her okay
    P.S i will show you the pics

  32. Namontack says:

    Here’s the lowdown. It is custom built on request (not an official Sanrio endorsed piano). The actual Piano is white with pink (you’re seeing the room’s lighting reflection, it’s not actually pink all over).

    It costs between 8-10 grand, moderate for an upright that uses Indigo-003 key/hammer mechanisms.

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