Hello Kitty Scion xB Toyota Car

What’s worse than a car that has been painted with Hello Kitty decals all over the outside? A car that has been Hello Kittified from the inside out like this Hello Kitty Scion xB monstrosity:

Hello Kitty Scion xB

Hello Kitty Scion

Hello Kitty Scion car

Hello Kitty Scion xB car

Hello Kitty Scion inside

The really scary part of this (and the realization that Hello Kitty Hell has progressed way too far) is that it resembles the inside of our house (I know, you don’t have to say anything — ripping out my eyes has had a pleasant and dreamlike fantasy aura for quite some time now). Unfortunately, it’s not a stretch to see that our car will someday look like this. Of course, it will be even worse. My wife is ultimately determined to do both the inside and outside of the car which will double the Hello Kitty horror of the ride, but that’s beside the point because it’s nothing that wouldn’t be expected when you live in Hello Kitty Hell….

Sent in by lisa who should have to ride in something like this for the rest of her life for giving my wife more ideas of what she can do to our car and for even thinking for a second that doing so would be a good idea…

86 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Scion xB Toyota Car

  1. That thing just sucks, and despite this being HK Hell, it could have been put together a LOT better. It seems like this thing started out halfway decent, with the pink lights and all, but it’s like the wrapping paper on the roof sort of made me believe that the owner didn’t care anymore.

  2. sorry but i have a pink mustang with hello kitty all inside it! seat covers steering wheel cover u name it. my license plate holder is juicy couture if it makes u feel better though………anyways just think it could be worse ur wife could have my car

  3. Samantha- don’t take this the wrong way but WTF is wrong with you?????
    A Mustang is a MUSCLE car, we do not paint those kinds of cars pink!!! Nor do we adorn them with HK….it just kills the whole cool factor of being a muscle car!
    Dear lord, Henry Ford is rolling in his grave…
    Listen, I love HK and all but my Mustang and HK will never mix!
    I’ve been given stuff to put in my car and I refuse… it just ain’t right, lady!

  4. Kitteh!!- Glad someone else appreciates the fact that I am sane enough not want to decorate my car in HK… not say the people who do are all insane, just a few 😉

    I had a small (4″) vinyl HK sticker from Hot Topic on my rear window for about 3 months then decided it made my ‘girl’ look wussy :)
    So, I ditched the girly stuff and now I have Mark Martin (Nascar, yeah!) fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview!
    I plan to create an HK Nascar diecast replica sometime in the near future, that way I’ll be the only one to have one like it!
    (No stealing my ideas Darlene or Mrs. HKH!)

  5. NASCAR rawks!!! Mind you, I’m confusing there. The only thing that stops me supporting “the Intimidator” is his sad demise, but I also support Jeff Gordon, Dario Franchitti (he’s originally from a town about 40 miles from my home town, but we’ve never met) and am going to miss Awesome Bill when he retires.

  6. I was once a Jeff Gordon hater…but since Jimmie Johnson has come onto the scene I find Jeff WAY more likeable(especially since his baby came along)…
    I truly hate the Busch brothers and Brian Vickers, I knew him from lower forms of racing… I used to be engaged to a fellow driver who shall remain nameless…
    Anyway, a lot of drivers I’d seen many times in the pits and after races awaiting their helicopters….some, like Johnson are buttheads….others like Dale Jarrett and Elliot Sadler are sweet to just about everyone. I wasn’t a big DEJ supported until DEI shafted him and yes, I still cry when they talk about Dale Senior.
    Anyway, I’m still thinking up ideas for my Hello Kitty Nascar diecast idea… I’ll make it number ’76 and have just the head on the hood, with Hello Kitty written under it. And maybe the one withe her sitting giving the ‘finger’ in the back bumber 😉
    Whatcha think, Kitteh!!????

  7. You guys are funny!! I have seen people who Hello kittified their cars at my school’s parking lot. I was laughing when someone wrote about the “Hello kitty barf bag”. YOU FUNNY PEOPLE.

  8. i luv dat car
    itz mad sick every1 datz hatin if u got sumtin to say o well keep ya mouth cloze!!!im da #1 hello kitty fan and i luv ur ride<3

  9. awwwwwwwwwwww! That’s awsome I’m in the middle of kittying my car!!! I judt Love Hello Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ok, I hate the interior, but its still not insane, bu is it really necessary to give the ENGINE a hk makeover too? I mean really, I can only hope it gets all covered in soot, and the inside kh airbag breaks someones arm or something…
    Now to the good stuff… Is this chick Darlene honestly so airheaded she actually believes this bunch of ink actually LOVES someone? Ive been reading her past remarks.. GET A GRIP YOU AIRHEAD! Its a CARTOON, it does not love, or care if you live or die! Its actually quite interesting that your tiny little head doesn’t seem to grasp that concept…

  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO what did they do to my CAR?!?!?!?!?!?! I thought about painting it pink but GOD not covering it with VIBRANT FABRIC NOOOOOOO my poor SCion :O I own a 2005 xB :( god I’m so ashamed.

  12. @ yolanda

    ‘i luv dat car
    itz mad sick every1 datz hatin if u got sumtin to say o well keep ya mouth cloze!!!im da #1 hello kitty fan and i luv ur ride<3’

    What? No, really, what…?

  13. I So wn’t that car !

    How Much x ?

    I can’t eaven drive yet but wo cares x ?

    lol byee !

    ilove hM !

  14. What is HK’s race number? Never cared for NASCAR before, but would watch to cheer her on, wearing my pink HK boxersand eating my HK inspired Dominos pizza! GO HK GO HK!!!

  15. Ihave seen this car and for the most part all it looks like is cheap wrapping paper for a headliner. And even cheaper car add-ons lol lol I have seen the gamut of hello kitty car things and I guess homegirl didnt do her homework first of all on that little ass scion you couldve tricked the whole car hello kitty not just the inside. I have seen this girl and her car before she’ okay but I wouldnt
    call her the hottest girl in Nor-cal neither is the car for that matter. I saw a water cooler in the back that my 9 year old daughter has. Being the self-proclaimed HELLO KITTY SUPA FAN I would have done a better job than that matter of fact I will. TO BE CONTINUED

  16. the girl who owns that xb is super nice and like evildave said shes super hot too Ive met her countless times and also her rides awesome.shes a official rep for hellokitty as well for the westcoast.

  17. i attend these car shows and seen the car there. its super plain on the outside & 100% tacky and done cheaply on the inside. any1 can already can tell she juz bought a bunch of items from HK and stuffed them anywhere she could in her car. she doesnt win any tuning or tasteful awards other than “people’s choice” which is a sympathy award. she calls herself a tuner & acts like a whore @ car shows. if honestly want to know, only her scion friends stick up for her but other car show enthusiasts clown her and make fun of her. I know the judges too and they NEVER voted for her. its all voted by non-car enthusiasts and passer bys who seem to like the hideousness.

  18. ive seen this car at various shows. from afar it is impressive because theres a sh*t load of hello kitty goods in/on/around the scion. when i looked closer at the interior and under the hood, the presence of hk and the hk fanatic owner started to disgust me. i adore hk and i never thought that anyone could possibly make something so cute into something gross.

    ***GOOD JOB!! you’ve just won another award! the first person to make hk ugly!***

    this car is nothing but a mobile sanrio store. there is nothing wrong with being a active hk fanatic and using your car to show for it, but couldn’t you have made it a bit more classy? something you can actually be proud of!? why in the world would you staple or glue fabric/wallpaper on the headliner of your car!?

    quick question. how many horsepower does each stuffed hello kitty give you?

    i agree with bayareaking’s comment above.

    and for autobot_crx: shes a representative for hk westcoast? are you joking or what? i guess they have not seen the car before they decided to slap that position on her.

  19. Thank you bayareaking ! Everything that you have said here is so true. I have been with the Scion scene for years and have been there during the so called competitions that she has won. The only reason she won was because of the children oooing and ahhing the fakeass Hello Kitty stuff she has in the xB that she bought from the corner liquor store. And I am sorry AutoBot_Crx there is no way that Sanrio would have her or any one be an “official rep for hellokitty…” Any real Hello Kitty fan knows that Sanrio is too hardcore about their reputation and that they do not have official reps in fear that they will mar the Sanrio reputation in the public’s eye.

  20. The only good thing about this vehicle are the creepy blue lights. I may like Hell Kitty, but this is just appalling. Granted, a lot of effort on the part of the person who did the interior, but still … yuck.

  21. Teehee’s! 4th picture has a NOS energy drink beside the big Hello Kitty!!! <3 The toaster under the hood makes absolutely no sense though….it wouldn't even close….

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