Hello Kitty Ice-Cream

It should be no surprise that Hello Kitty will Kittify anything sweet since there are already confectionery shops devoted to the evil feline. So I really should have been more prepared when the Hello Kitty ice-cream arrived at our house the other day:

Hello Kitty chocolate ice-cream

Hello Kitty ice-cream bow spoon

Hello Kitty ice-cream box

Normally I’m a huge fan of ice-cream. I would think that if anything was to be Hello Kittified and I would have to eat it, Hello Kitty ice-cream would be one of the least evil substances that I would have to consume. Of course, this was based on the bad assumption (yes, I should be well aware by now…) that Hello Kitty would simply place her face on the packaging and the ice-cream would taste like other ice-cream. Nowhere did I imagine I would have to eat the ice-cream with something other than a regular spoon. There is just something extra humiliating that takes all the joy out of even ice-cream when you have to eat ice-cream with a pink bow as a spoon.

Of course, my wife thinks that the bow spoon is the “cutest thing ever” and the crowning extra bit that makes the ice-cream so wonderful. This, of course, sent off the panic alarms because when you live in Hello Kitty Hell as long as I have, you know exactly where this type of comment is going. She is now convinced that all our meals will be more fulfilling and tasty if they are eaten with Hello Kitty utensils. As has been well established, Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse…

Photos sent in by hkheart (via cllinbaby) who deserves to be frozen in a vat of Hello Kitty ice-cream for tipping my wife off that this was available and thinking for even a slit second that it could ever be a good idea for her to see it…

Update: And some more terrifying examples of Hello Kitty ice cream:

Sent in by Jules

Sent in by steph

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75 Responses to Hello Kitty Ice-Cream

  1. mhkitty says:

    “You have to admit that ice cream and Hello Kitty are universally loved by everyone so they make a perrrrrfect combination.”
    Ummm… speak for thyself… freak. I don’t have to admit anything, niether does 3/4 of the other sane people who come here…
    I am slowly growing tired HK… because of people who think everything should be HelloKittyfied… NO! Not everything is better just because you slap her face and/or name on it!

    Kitteh!! and andophiroxia: glad to see you are still here :)
    Sorry I’ve been absent, getting ready for the move, and sold a crapload of HK stuff online! It’s like going to AA… :)
    I just had to get over myself and think ‘Do I want the HK crap that a 10-year-old would covet sitting here collecting dust or the $$$$ to buy sweet stuff for the apartment?’…
    Kitteh!!: I must know who Loster girl is ;)

  2. andophiroxia says:


    Don’t worry about it, almost all of us on here have a life… well… I meant ALMOST all of us. ;)

  3. Kitteh!! says:

    “Lobster Girl” is from Cornwall. That’s all I’m saying, because it’s not fair on her to say too much about her without knowing what sort of public profile she has.

  4. mhkitty says:

    Ahhhh… okay :)

  5. jade says:

    ewww dont eat it… its melted hello kitty… in other words contaminated

  6. Princesspeachfan2008 says:

    Hello Kitty is gonna kill us! What if one day, there will be hello kitty computer monitors that are lcd and if ur keyboard is hello kitty, that would be deadly. Even i cant eat that Hello Kitty ice cream with the bow spoon, don’t eat the ice cream, its the body of mocha in the chocolate ice cream(mocha was killed by hello kitty and her dead body went into the ice cream), who knows, cinnamonroll’s body will be in the vanilla flavor and it will be with blood! KILL HELLO KITTY! WE MUST PLACE HER IN ICE CREAM AND THROW HER IN THE PIT OF DEATH!!!

  7. Tibz says:

    I don’t think the ice cream itself is that bad, though eating with a flat bow/spoon would be kind of hard. And the price would be exorbitant, of course.

    Does anyone else feel amazed that Darlene actually admits that Hello Kitty is a cartoon character?

  8. kira says:

    your websites really funny :)
    but… unforchantly i fall victum to liking hello kitty

  9. Buffy says:

    I like it, but its weird scooping out icecream with a giant hello kitty bow.

  10. Julian says:

    that bow spoon was just the most ridiculous thing ever.

  11. kitty babe says:

    i eat in this befor in florda

  12. Rei says:

    For some odd reason seeing how I’m not a fan of HK… I really want that icecream! Bow spoon or not! I admit that that icecream looks good!

    And knowing that Hk is probably dowsed with loads of sugar- I think it’ll taste pretty good.

  13. shay says:

    that looks sooo good i wish i had it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. zee says:

    hey darlene, get over it. some people hear think you are approx. 13 but i, being that age myself, must state that never in my life have i acted like that and i really don’t appreciate being compared to darlene. i’m estimating she’s some really old chick with like 500 cats. good guess?

  15. zee says:

    btw, mr hkh, u rock!, and hang in there

  16. Ame says:

    Where can I order HK ice cream?

  17. Hellosnitty says:

    ok…so i have followed this blog for about a year and have been too afraid to ever post. See, my husband is just like you and I am…like your wife. My poor husband has to drive a car with HK floor mats (only because they didnt fit my car) and has a HK bathroom. All 3 of our daughters’ rooms are done in HK and I am now typing this on our HK computer on my HK desk in my HK office. That is just the beginning….

  18. Laura says:

    oh my gosh..you at least have to admit that for a girl..the bow as a spoon is super cute. im not OBSESSED with hello kitty but i do love her.. even if i didn’t this ice cream is freakin cute

  19. Anti-Darlene says:

    how do you eat ice cream with a bow?

  20. Lily says:

    The ice cream looks like any other ice cream..if it wasn’t for that bow..x__x

  21. HelloMelanie says:

    Ommmgggggg I want this ice cream sooooo bad!!!!

    I searched online for 20 minutes, looking for it
    but haven’t been able to find it.

    Can someone or mr. Hkh tell me where to buy this????

  22. poopy says:


  23. osiris says:


  24. someone says:

    Can someone please tell me where to get this (the pink one with the sprinkly things) I really want to try it, it looks yummy!!! The other ones look good too. 0_0 please tell me!!!!!!!!

  25. darthtoon says:

    ohhh i love the spoon! the bow is more addictive than hk itself,even though the icecream looks kittylicious! aloha!my dear kitty hater :)

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