What would be worse than a house full of Hello Kitty crap? How about a Hello Kitty House full of Hello Kitty crap?

Hello Kitty houses

Hello Kitty house

Hello Kitty house inside

It’s seems some resort in Taiwan got the bright idea that building Hello Kitty houses could somehow be a positive thing (obviously nobody at the company lives with a Hello Kitty fanatic) and completely disregarding the torment they would inflict upon us. My wife simply said, “I’ve found my dream house!” which certainly is not a good sign when you live in Hello Kitty Hell.

The sad thing is that if the house would remain like shown in the photos, it would actually be better than my current living conditions, but you know that it would be merely a matter of hours before the whole place resembled a Hello Kitty flea market with my wife’s collection all over the place. My wife has already started her search to plan our vacation there which pretty much ensures a Hello Kitty Hellish holiday…

174 thoughts on “House

  1. Its peachy pretty perfect. A whimsical pink house of love like its made of cakes. I can just picture me living there with two beautiful female Persian cats. However I prefer an eclectic abode inside so maybe not so much of the Hello Kitty everywhere. Can you bring it to the UK?

  2. [email protected]

    iam glad I work at a wrecking yard I have collected and destroyed that crap.

  3. Are these people for real? Seriously, both the ones who built this and your reviews? That place is the epitome of pathetic and ridiculous. People need to get a life.

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