Hello Kitty Zombie Cake

It is quite disturbing when I find out that things on this blog are the inspiration for creating even more Hello Kitty crap. Take, for example, this Hello Kitty zombie cake:

Hello Kitty zombie birthday cake

Hello Kitty zombie cake

Hello Kitty zombie cake

Hello Kitty zombie cake head

Hello Kitty zombie cake cutting

This is what I found in my email:

Hi There. Taking inspiration from one of the Hello Kitty Zombie Tattoos that I saw on your site, I hired Debbie to make a birthday cake for my wife. Debbie did an incredible job of bringing Hello Kitty to life, (or death), in fine Zombie form.

Granted, if you are going to make something Hello Kitty, a Hello Kitty zombie is probably the most accurate portrayal of the true Hello Kitty, but the fact remains that any additional Hello Kitty in the world is something to be mourned. That it in any way came about due to something I did is even worse. But by far the worst part of this is that upon seeing the cake, my wife has decided that a Hello Kitty cake is now in order for any special occasion that arises which guarantees that every insignificant holiday will now be Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by sean (with lots of photos) who deserves to have to eat nothing but Hello Kitty cake for the rest of his life for thinking that sending me these photos could result in anything good…

77 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Zombie Cake

  1. Kristin:
    You are a great sport with all this!
    I’ve had two HK cakes in the last 5 years for my b-days, the first was a store bought pink mostrosity that had everyone groaning from the sugar intake. It had nifty little kiddie rings on top that my male coworkers decided it would be fun to stomp on after the party. (Boys will be boys…)
    Then, I had a friend make me a HK cake and we all debated over who’d get to cut her head (it was a flat cake) and no one wanted to since I’m the fan and possibly make me upset… ha, it’s just a cake! Cakes are made to be eaten! It was funfetti so it was awesome!

    BTW-Happy belated birthday!

    Here’s an idea for your or your daughter’s next cake:
    (it’s about half way down the page on the far right, you can’t miss it!)

  2. @Kristin

    I don’t recall saying your tattoo sucked. I remember it was kind of cool. I think perhaps some of the things were off, but not anything horrendously bad about it. I think I liked it cuz it had a skull.

  3. Kitteh!!:
    What? No SpongeBob??? :)
    I’ll be sure to send it to you, though I’d be afraid it woudd either be mush by the time it got there or the Postal workers would eat it :)

  4. Well, you see they were these horrible experiments done to za Hello Kitty and she regenerates into a image to burn into Mr HKH’s eyes forever.. he believes she is a devouring monstrosity that has eroded his castle into a pink palace, and hence her devious designs come into play. As for the Hello Kitty goth/punk fans or Halloween, it’s not so bad…

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  6. mhkitty- I think ur the most grounded person that leaves msgs here… this is a place for having a bit of a giggle… the catherines of this world should just do what they do best… their nails!!! stop being so aggressive & defensive!!! go do it somewhere else- some people want to exchange humourous HK bantter here…. enuf said… TRULY annoying… more annoying in fact than my HK leg warmers being pinched!!!!! the world is full of evil……..

  7. OMG! That is the coolest cake ever! Who watches Ace of Cakes? Or those killer cake and sugar challenges on the food network. I have a hard time making myself frozen pizza. How the heck to you get things to look THIS nice?

  8. Hi! I stumbled across this site while searching for “Hello Kitty” birthday cakes for my soon to be 5 year old! She was facinated by the “green” Hello Kitty and wanted to see the photo! She looked at it and said, ” that would be good for Halloween, not my birthday.”
    All I have to say is you gotta have a sense of humor or life would be so boring! I think the cake is amazing! My husband and I are cake decorators as a hobby and anyone who does this knows the amount of time, effort and skill it takes to make a cake look that amazing!
    For those of you complaingin that it is horrible…stop looking at it as a disgrace to HK and look at it as a piece of edible art!
    Lighten up and enjoy life a little! I love HK as much as my daughter does and I think the cake is a hoot! Thanks for the laugh and all the disgruntlement from the others!!!

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