Hello Kitty Sushi

I know it’s going to be an extra special Hello Kitty Hell day when my wife comes into the room with a bright, shining smile and announces that Hello Kitty sushi (which pretty much ranks up there on the nausea scale with Hello Kitty bento) will be something I should be looking forward to trying next week:

Hello Kitty sushi

I dislike Hello Kitty in many ways, but I especially dislike her as part of my food. There is just something about the comments of how Hello Kitty is giving us sustenance to live that makes me want to hurl everything up. Then again, that queasy feeling of not being able to keep your food down pretty much sums up how your body reacts to virtually everything when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by britty who should have to eat nothing but Hello Kitty sushi for the rest of her life for bringing the entire Hello Kitty food disaster to our house again by thinking it would be a good idea to send me this photo…

Update: Although it makes no sense to all of us that are sane, more than one person thought this would be a good idea:

Sent in by Kiz

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