Hello Kitty Colon

If you just read the title of this post, you probably had your heart skip a beat. While it’s not quite that bad and is safe for work, it’s still definitely Hello Kitty Hellish. Not that Hello Kitty really needs anything to go with the Hello Kitty guts, but since the Japanese like to brand their snacks with names that probably wouldn’t sell well in the US, you have things like Hello Kitty Collon:

Hello Kitty Collon

Hello Kitty food, plain and simple, is one of the worst aspects of Hello Kitty Hell. Even knowing where the end result leads, there is still something completely creepy about having the evil feline making her way through my system. It doesn’t make it any prettier when the name of the Hello Kitty food is the same as where it is going.

Of course, my wife has a completely different perspective on it. Here view is that anything Hello Kitty that goes inside you helps your body absorbs happiness (don’t even ask — it’s one of those Hello Kitty fanatic things that only Hello Kitty fanatics seem to understand). Just reading that last sentence should ensure you have one pretty spectacular day no matter how bad things may have seemed a few minutes ago for the simple reason that you don’t live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Maria who should have to survive on nothing but these for the rest of her life for thinking it could ever be a good idea to send me a photo of this…

55 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Colon

  1. Collon is pretty good, actually.

    It’s a wafer shaped like a tube with cream in the center. Not sure what flavor cream is in the kitty collon, but the creamy collon (yes we bought it just because it sounded naughty) is vanilla flavored.

  2. I love COLLON!!!!
    I have had many different flavors of it, but never HK.
    I live in America, and I am not afraid to try Japanese candy because its much better than any American candy, less sugar and more yumminess.
    Collon, specifically is one of my favorites, and I am not really sure what to compare it to in the U.S….its kind of like those cheap ass “creme filled wafers” that we have in vanilla chocolate and strawberry flavors, only it is shaped, yes, like a colon, but its a yummy tube of “wafer” with the “cream” inside…I wonder what flavor the HK kind is…
    Collon has the best packaging ever, and I bet you the box that this inner pack came out of was super hk cute.

    I just found this site, and as a HK “fanatic” of sorts…its more sanrio in general for me, I LOVE the fact that it is “seemingly” written by a man, and I get the humour, I am not offended because I find the strangest HK products to be the best. thats the ingenious nature of her marketing!

    to the owner of this page: where can I find your wife’s “shop”? and are you Americans living in japan? and how and why? I wish there was a guestbook for this, but hopefully someone will dig up my comment and answer….

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