111 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Animal Abuse

  1. I’d rather see this than an animal being abused ANYDAY. This person loves this animal. I know we think it’s weird to dress up animals but this pet is well loved and that is excellent.

  2. I really have never seen this before,how sad.
    I say that they should stop manufacturing.It’s really not right.If they don’t stop manufacturing then just get people to stop buying these products i know that nobody will listen to this but this is my opinion.Please I strongly dislike cats but this really is serious

  3. @darlene and kid
    I’ve learned a lot about animals and asked vets and can say for sure that THIS IS BAD!!!! Health wise-BAD! In fact the vet (and mom) only think that a dog that has little to no hair should be forced to were a JACKET (note: that’s a coat) and only in the winter when they’re going out.
    If you put a headband on, BE CAREFUL. It can’t cover the ears. Cover to much, THEN IT IS BAD!!!

  4. Just because the cat doesn’t care it’s being dressed up doesn’t mean it’s been drugged. I think it’s alright to dress your pet up (not all the time, maybe just holidays), but only if it doesn’t mind it – and I wouldn’t leave the costume on all day. I you think this is abuse, you’re ridiculous. Now, if the animal is clearly unhappy and trying to get out of it and you are FORCING it to wear, it, then yeah I’d say that is abuse. But I’ve seen plenty of pets not mind it, or actually WANT to be dressed up. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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