Hello Kitty Car License Plate

One would assume that a personalized Hello Kitty license plate (or two) would be about as bad as it could get (although they do have those Hello Kitty license plate thingies that don’t even have names), but that would be greatly underestimating the evil feline. It appears that she was able to slip a few bucks under the table and somehow convince the people of Queensland that it would be a good idea of giving them the option to buy Hello Kitty license plates for their cars:

Hello Kitty license plate

Of course, showing your affection for Hello Kitty, as is the case with everything she puts out in her image, comes at a price — this time $388 ($465 AUD). Price, however, is never an issue with Hello Kitty since she also has her own Hello Kitty credit card.

My wife, upon seeing this, has decided that our own car isn’t Hello Kitty pimpified enough and we need one of these for our car more. It never ends when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Anna who deserves to be run over by a Hello Kitty car for ever thinking that sending this to be could result in something positive…

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  1. CAT, they are a LEGAL numberplate of registration for a vehicle registered in Queensland, Australia. Unfortunately you can’t have a piece of metal printed up in your own colours and design and have them print your registration number on it. Since they were released back in September, I have only ever seen 2 cars on the road with them… and I drive A LOT. Obviously not too many crazy kitteh fans here :-p

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