Hello Kitty Skeleton Tattoo (with bow)

This is why I hate living in Hello Kitty Hell. Any normal person would assume that an anatomically correct Hello kitty skeleton wouldn’t exist. Being in Hello kitty Hell, I unfortunately have to learn that such a Hello Kitty anatomically correct tattoo does exist. Even the most jaded person would assume that this insanity would end there, but that would not be giving due credit to the true nature of Hello Kitty fanatics. What would make a Hello Kitty skeleton tattoo even more Hello Kitty like? Well, a Hello Kitty skeleton tattoo with bow of course:

Hello Kitty skeleton tattoo with bow

I’m thinking that maybe I should just stop opening my email…

Sent in by emily (via work done by Ace Chandler) who should both be punished by having to wear this tattoo thinking it could ever be a good idea to send it to me or create it in the first place.

62 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Skeleton Tattoo (with bow)

  1. @emily helllo….
    okay seriously i’m an english major myself and as such i’d love it if you would act that way. Also my partner has a very similar religion as you and it’s your choice whether or not you wear make up. I do, and I attend his church. I’m not shunned for it. I understand you wanting to voice your opinions but please be sure and make your self seem a bit more informed.
    Just let her go girl, she’s obviously slightly stubborn. &)

  2. I like it.. the sight of HK being wiped out with biological weapons and left as a rotting corps is delightful..

    Love it

    ** silent bob is shocked. 2 good comments from me in 1 day**

    what is the world coming to?

  3. Just be glad that it’s a clearly DEAD Kitty. A dead HK is never as scary as the real one, staring at you with those…*shudders* EYES!

  4. This tattoo is so insane. I wouldn’t even know that it was Hello Kitty if it didn’t have the bow.

    I was watching Rock of Love Bus last night and I saw that Ashley, one of the girls, has a Hello Kitty tattoo on her upper arm. I think it’s on her right arm.

    The tattoo is of Hello Kitty’s face. It’s so horrible that as soon as I saw it I thought of your site. I couldn’t find a pic of it, but believe me, it’s hideous.

  5. OMGSH!!! that is so stupid. only until i started listening to Gadgettes did i realize that people actually like hello kitty, and i found this wesite from them..but a tat? what the heck!

  6. How can all of you be English Majors with horrid grammar? I mean mis-used punctuations, spelling errors out the ass, improper capitalization….

    That and stop arguing with people over their religion as well. Now THAT is where you should drawthe line in this thread about Hating Hello Kitty. Come no, children.

    Anyway, that tattoo is freaky…It should not exist. The person who tatted that on their legshould be shot.

  7. Actually it’s not anatomically correct. It has an upper jaw. According to Sanrio, Hello Kitty has no mouth because she speaks from her heart! Interesting use of the bio hazard symbol.

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