Hello Kitty Nun Music Video

For those of you who remember the Hello Kitty nun (yeah, I know you really didn’t need to be reminded about that, especially if you had somehow managed to get that image out of your mind, but it gives you a tiny sample of what it’s like to live in Hello Kitty Hell) and imagined it would stop there, oh how you underestimate the evil feline. Now the Hello Kitty nun is featured in a music video:

Yep, seeing things like this not only ensure that I’ll have nightmares for far too long, it’s a sure sign that the world is quickly coming to an end (or even worse, truly is being taken over by Hello Kitty)…

Left by perruchin in the comments who should have to watch this video at least 100 times a day as punishment for basically ensuring that every visitor to this blog isn’t going to be able to sleep for the next month…

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38 Responses to Hello Kitty Nun Music Video

  1. Ashley says:

    I’ve always wanted to comment first,
    yet for some reason, i can’t find any words for this …

  2. Kitteh!! says:


    Well, it must be; after all, “nun shall pass”!! ;)

  3. Stephanie says:

    The Hello Kitty nun seemed to be the most normal thing in that video……

  4. Tanja says:

    I watched this video, so I hope, that this night I will have a good sleep, and if I have nightmares, I will let you know, wish me good luck.

  5. andophiroxia says:

    Why was he weeping with the Hello Kitty doll?

    Is this guy gay? It’s just because I saw a guy kiss him on the cheek in that um nonplatonic way, man hands touching him, and the overall campy style of the video that I seen with other gay music stars–George Michael. I don’t care if he is in real life, just wondering.

    Strangely enough the HK nun is somewhat soothing and amusing. The vignettes with her are making me wonder if someone slipped some hallucenogenic in the water in order to make me into a drugged bot.

  6. andophiroxia says:

    /correction KERMIT the FROG doll.

    I’m sick, forgive me.

  7. Catherine says:

    His dancing and the feet in his face were waaay more disturbing than even a HK nun! I’m nauseated.

  8. Catherine says:

    Jim Henson must be turning in his grave….

  9. melora says:

    Ewww! I hope those people washed their feet.

  10. moriyah says:

    Wow…. that’s one disturbing and utterly ridiculous video. I really wish that the money spent on that video had been donated to better causes- like the unbrainwashing of the HKFanatics!

  11. Mel says:

    So many things wrong with that video. If the Hello Kitty nun isn’t enough to ruin a good day, the rest of the video ensures it.

  12. Acton says:


    Well at lest its not techno.
    I confess a low opinion of Euro pop I think adding Hello Kitty is an improvement.

  13. Liz S. says:

    forget the HK nun, this whole thing is in bad taste.

  14. Shannon says:


  15. Allen says:


    I liked the video actually, its so random and references so many OTHER things.

  16. Kitteh!! says:

    @ Acton, I have a pretty low opinion of EuroPop (Brit Pop is a whole separate movement to EuroPop in the view of Europeans) too. Not surprising since I’m an unreconstructed rocker with a liking for classical, jazz (mostly trad), and indie!!, and a sneaking liking for BritPop that remembers that Pop is about fun and not to be taken seriously.

  17. edward says:

    I think the HK Nun might be the least creepy part of the video. I mean, the scene where they are rubbing his face with their feet is disgusting.

  18. tiacosas says:

    OMG! I thought i would never in my life see something this creepy. I can’t believe that in this world, a person like the guy who sings is walking free. It’s a crime, he should be punished.

  19. Kisa says:


  20. Nance says:

    The nun is not really the most disturbing part of the clip…

    Unless u missed the whole feet on face and his dancing part.

  21. edjusted says:

    Damn, I think I’m gonna have nightmares…since when did Sylar from Heroes become a spanish europop singer? Maybe all the naysayers are right…you *are* evil…evil for for posting this!

  22. MJ says:

    Dude, that is disturbing.

  23. Chris says:

    Why are we Europeans blessed with no hello kitty madness?

    Where did it go wrong? Hang in there America/Japan and all the other countries where this creature spawned.

    I hope the hello kitty god doesn’t read this blog or I’ve sold Europe out…

  24. Kisa says:

    Chris, congrats. Once HK spreads in Europe…
    everyone will have you to blame :P

  25. Denise says:

    I feel dirty for having watched that video…very wrong!

  26. Mainman says:

    he’s martin sastre,an artist from uruguay.i think that the video is Masturbated Virgin II Sor Kitty: The Missonary Nun

  27. chaos says:

    OH MY WORD!!!!!!!MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Acton says:

    Too late Chris The Kitty has landed. I know of may stores and fans like this one.


  29. Mi99 says:

    LOL that was about as gay as winny the poo bear. I’m not talking insult gay, I’m talking real gay. HK was just the half of it.

  30. perruchin says:

    here perruchin to the action, I was just pointing out a fact I don´t like the video, but I´m a hello kitty fan, sorry but is true….. I have plenty of stuff, but not as many as your wife, plus here in spain is harder to get hello kitty stuff……..

  31. Pandaki says:

    Is it weird that I think that multi-colored hair person kinda reminds me of Jeffree Star?

  32. Pree says:

    where do u find this stuff from…oh god…hk is taking over for real

  33. Erin says:

    Ha ha i agree with Stephanie! the nun is the most normal thing

  34. Amy says:

    Ok wtf?!
    That has to be one of the single most screwed up things I have ever seen in my entire life!!

  35. Rae says:

    Was he at one point holding a silver vibrator?
    Or are my eyes simply playing tricks on me?

  36. JackieD says:

    oh my god!!!! that was awesome!!! i love this video

  37. Harold Clark says:

    Yep hes Gay, Hello Kitty is the new big gay icon – at least according to Family guy… Which should signify decent into a whole new even lower level of hello kitty hell………

    Check out peter Griffin’s Hello Kitty shirt on Family Guy!!!

  38. Hillary says:

    This video is great! I adore it.

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