Hello Kitty Nude Drawing (NSFW — or your sanity)

Sometimes there just aren’t words… (the art image may not be safe for work and it is definitely not safe for your mind or future sanity — I seriously advise that you click away now, go to some other site and enjoy the entertainment that they provide, because if you choose to reject my words, the image is going to haunt you for the rest of the day, week, month and year. You have been warned…)


Why? (shakes head in defeat realizing that Hello Kitty Hell has somehow just gotten worse) While some may fantasize about Hello Kitty in this way I think I’m making a pretty good guess in stating that the vast majority of people who see this will wish that it could immediately be erased from their mind forever. I certainly wish it could…

Sent in by Elena who deserves to be surrounded by this image everywhere she goes for thinking that sending this to me could be a good idea in any way, shape or form…

171 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Nude Drawing (NSFW — or your sanity)

  1. Yanno this is a serious commentary on the state of North America and public awareness of interest in the world around us. Some of us write about reality .. ugh… hoping to bring some change before the world falls down around us. Yes we get readers and our mission is accomplished if we are good at it.

    But YOU post a pornographic image of HK and got what seems to be over 100 responses! Laughing. The world is crazy.

    Personally, I think HK is pretty cute whether covered or not. But your comments crack me up, I do see your sense of humor about the foolishness of it all.

    Is that Darlene serious or just playing a game? Read a few of her commentaries. Seems if someone spends as much time as you do with this topic… you are liking it. JUst you have a good healthy sick black sense of humor to survive the candy hit.

  2. OMG… so many coments… ok… this is very very unusual… I am a HK fan. Fan to the sense that I find it cute and the only thing I do is “wish” for things that I think I would never buy… like HK things for example… I would buy only if it was cheaper than something similar that does not have her face printed on it. I own a small cute helo kitty doll that was gives to me by someone when i was very little (I am 31 now) and she is in a box somewhere in my room, together with some toys I have still from back then (yes I donated some, just a few I still keep with me). Ok Ok the picture…

    I am not against nor in favor of it. Putting female forms into a cat that has no mouth is just wrong, but if you look into the artistic side of the drawing, maybe representing that mostly girls love this cute feline, i see no point of being against.

    And those haters that take things too seriously I just have a word for you… SHAME! LOL… chose another batles to fight… fighting agains something that is purely commercial and will not add anything to your life is very shamefull…

    Mister HK hater… you surely bring me smiles and laughs reading your posts… it´s funny and adds to me the fact that even living in hell you still can find your heaven by loving your wife so very much and showing it to the world.

    But in fact mister, I just hope you and your wife find balance among all this things… I am not used to be so fanatic to the point of loving something so much but my boyfriend, my family and things like that but I am glad that even your significant other loving so much material things with a kitty on it, you can spread sense of humor around and keep going like that.

    Thank you sir for the inumerous laughs and smiles you brought to me and to all the readers.

    Thousand kisses from Brasil for you mister and to your wife.

    Bye Bye

    Maria Rita

  3. I am not a hk hater I just am against what she represents obviously many people don’t know the real reason why it was invented I’ll give you a clue it has to do with a pact with the devil.the reason why it had no mouth was because it was based on a child who had cancer on its mouth,mother made a pact with the devil to save her child.

  4. Why why why!?
    Why would someone fantasize about this
    let alone draw it
    Hello Kitty is too innocent for this!
    Im a huge HK fan but
    Thats wrong
    Its NSFW or man kind.
    What the heck!
    Oh my God
    not right
    It is scarred into my brain and I want it to go away D :

  5. [email protected]

    LOL! This guy needs to get a life!!! Why not draw pics of real women rather then this crap!

  6. Well, they created this character as female…… Usually ALL manga and anime characters start out nude…. as an art technique… LMAO Hello Titty LMFAO….

  7. You warned us but I didn’t listen. That’s gonna be a few theapy visits to get that image from keeping me awake at night!e
    Sanrio makes products for all ages of girls. They have designed products for those who grow up with HK that’s why there are toasters, vibrators and lawn mowers.
    I like HK but have a sense of humor, too. It’s a great blog and unlike Darlene, most of us really like it and find it entertaining.
    As for HK and a ‘pact w/ the devil” I think someone forgot to take their meds this morning. It’s a cute adolecent kitty and has nothing to do w/ religion or anything else. It is only what it is and as Freud said, ” Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”
    Keep the great posts coming and remember folks, not to take it so seriously

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