Jihadist Plush – Suicide Bomber $5 Extra

Hello Kitty is no stranger to extremism, so it seems appropriate that there is a Hello Kitty Jihadist plush out there:

Hello Kitty Jihadist Plush

Realising that there was a niche area that Sanrio had somehow failed to Hello Kittify (they are probably already working on a line as we speak), Miss Heather jumped at the opportunity to provide Hello Kitty fanatics with something that represents the true desire of Hello Kitty — to destroy anyone and everyone that doesn’t like her.

You provide me a Hello Kitty plush doll and I’ll custom-tailor a burqa to conceal her shameful body parts (NSFW). I’ll even toss in a gun or make her a suicide bomber (obviously not using real explosives) if you wish.

Hello Kitty as a suicide bomber makes a lot of sense to me coming from any religion (in fact, she doesn’t even need the suicidal tendencies to be hidden beneath religious fanaticism since this is already encompassed in her very being – the Hello Kitty bomb is probably already programed inside her stuffing when she is made). We already know that she does everything in her power to convert you to her religion and it doesn’t take a leap of faith to imagine that if you refuse to drink this kool aid that you will be targeted for death by explosion (or, even worse, cuteness overkill — which I think the Geneva Convention should add to its list of inhumane torture devices since it’s much worse and causes much more pain than many other methods on their list). Now that I think about it, a Hello Kitty suicide bomber may be the easy way out of Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Friedrich (via this blog post) who should have to worship Hello Kitty religion on a daily basis for the rest of his life as punishment for ever thinking that sending something that extends Hello Kitty’s religious takeover to me would be a good idea…

57 thoughts on “Jihadist Plush – Suicide Bomber $5 Extra

  1. Amazing how the dumber bloggers cant read, & think that just because her face is covered, folks should IGNORE that fact that this product comes with its own optional SUICIDE VEST and is modeled on ACTUAL people in the real world who blow themselves up in these outfits!
    Sadly some of the more stupid just cant understand why dressing like a terrorist, wearing a suicide vest, and declaring they are a “Jihaddist” will arouse suspicion, & get them profiled as terrorist…..
    I find this HILARIOUS and just desserts for extremist fanatics……

  2. wow…thats just crap…i mean..what has hello kitty in common with a suicide bomber… and what has a suicide bomber in common with an arabic costume… thats totally crazy…shame for hello kitty co. not okay…Not FuNNy

  3. You have Islam wrong friend. Islam is religion of peace and if you dont belive that yourself then read the Quran. You should not blame a religion on what a select few have done. If you want to know and understand truly what the religion is about then you should not listen to the media, yet learn about its beauty on your own! As a muslim woman I am hurt by what you say. All people should have the right to wear what they want even if it covers their entire bodies.

    ps. Islam also condones terrorism so please get your facts striaght before you spread more hate.

    Peace be with you!

  4. @kenzington
    “The word “moslem” is considered an insult in the muslim culture. but yeah, i think this is kinda offensive”

    You’re the one who doesn’t know what you’re talking about! OMG I just LOATH people like you who pretend to know something and pass on flase information. Most probably you’re an American !

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