Hello Kitty Body Shaped Mineral Water

It’s bad enough when stuff gets Hello Kittified, but it takes on a whole new level of Hello Kitty scariness when the evil feline decides to try to add sexiness into the equation as well. There is no other way to explain the concept of this Hello Kitty mineral water:





Can I just state for the record that when you are out with your wife and politely ask for a bottle of water, it’s more than an little embarrassing when your wife produces one of these water bottles to drink from. Even worse is trying to figure out how to hold the damn bottle that doesn’t make you look like a Hello Kitty pervert. One of the many hazards you never have to imagine unless you’re living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by a number of readers, all of who should have to drink out of these bottles every time they are in a public setting for thinking that anything positive could come from sending me this information…

64 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Body Shaped Mineral Water

  1. You complete ass. if you hate hello kitty sooooo much than take her out of your life completely. take all that hello kitty crap and burn it, dump your wife and start an online game where the goal is to kill hello kitty and anyone who likes her, isasinate the CEO of sanrio but stop ruining other peoples perception about her. If they want to spend their life idolizing her, fine!!!!! People obsess over chocolate but no one complains about it even though its really bad for you unlike HELLO KITTY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. OK I’ve read this blog for about a year and I think Darlene now only comments to get attn. because she knows if she makes absurd remarks than she will get a whole lot of attn. Coming from a sane 14 yr old

  3. wow i didn’t know this site existed until i followed the link from the blog cake wrecks! haha but anyways, i am a huge fan of hello kitty and i don’t follow everything that comes out with hello kitty so i think this site is awesome in a good way haha. so for the creator of this hello kitty hell site , thank you! i might check this regularly now :)

  4. I’m a girl, and those bottles are scary O_O Any bottle shaped like that is scary! O_O

    Other members of my gender are DEFENDING those things!?

    O_O O_O

  5. LOL i do rather like hello kitty , but Hk marketing has gone wayy over the top with some of their stuff xD
    i saw this hello kitty honeymoon suite i was slightly scared ;] xD

  6. OMG! that has got 2 b the hottest most crazy-cute thing EVER!! (then again,im only 9 yrs old & i would love anything hello kitty :)

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