Hello Kitty Cell Phone Upgrade

My wife already has a Hello Kitty cell phone which has embarrassed me to no end, but in the land of Hello Kitty fanatics, extreme Hello Kitty gaudiness is never enough. Eventually someone will come along with a Hello Kitty cell phone that is gaudier than your own:


This, of course, is unacceptable to the Hello Kitty fanatic and my wife has already begun planning how she can top this phone (which is really a scary thought). All I know is that whatever she comes up with, it’s likely to only cause me more embarrassment and increase the depths of my Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by scarlett who should not only be forced to carry one of these around, but have it set up with a Hello Kitty song ringtone (and the slow death by insanity that it causes) for giving my wife the idea that it was time for a Hello Kitty cell phone upgrade…

Update: Despite all commons sense that would indicate that cell phone bling could never get worse, it continues to do so:

hello kitty cell phone case

Sent in by Katharine (via dreamblingandmore) whose email which only said “disturbing” was far too generous…

72 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Cell Phone Upgrade

  1. Considering the other comments, you might want to stop worrying about the phone and start worrying about the hideous and probably egregiously expensive bag. I’m sure your wife is a lovely person in all other ways, but I have to say that I’m glad I’m not a man and therefore don’t have to ever be married to a woman with a Hello Kitty fixation.

  2. Dude, if this image’s not mirrored, they commited an error. It’s Mimmy who has the bow at this side of her head (also, her bow’s yellow). And I’m not even a fan, I just watched two or three episodes of that anime when I was younger. I hate photographic memory.

    And Darlene’s a troll, because if she was a true fan, she’d have noticed the FAIL and said it’s a despicable shame to commit such an error.

    Hello Kitty may be cute, but HK junkies are just icky.

  3. Anonymous rules!
    i didnt even see it, i was busy looking at the glitter and the poor bag (*^_^*)
    darlene is a troll, i agree…

  4. love it i have three styles just like it
    theyre mostly made for i phones in the photo thats the back part u can find them on ebay from 30-80 bucks

  5. its sooooooooooooooo cute!!! btw my fiance has the hello kitty theme song set as his ring tone for when i call him. His doing, not mine and I love it!!

  6. “…that you have no respect for her or Hello Kitty.”

    LOL. Respect the Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty died for your sins! Chincilla died for your purse!

    That’s all pretty weird here… O_0

  7. Sanrio & Hello Kitty’s Publists has just released a comment about this phone.

    ” We are outraged & offended by this portrayal of the Hello Kitty brand. Sanrio & the Hello Kitty brand have no affiliation with this product. *

  8. ohh look dont dislike becouse i got sakt same phone as that so like shizon of becouse acutaly that phone belongs to a gypsy and gypsys do stand alot for the culture so if i was u id back it off my dear friends

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