Hello Kitty Darth Vader (not photoshopped)

Update: Only in the deepest depths of Hello Kitty Hell could someone imagine it would be a good idea to make Darth Vader wear a pink skirt. and then actually make it into a costume. For some unfathomable and unfortunate reason Let the Wookie Win decided to show me these depths:

Hello Kitty pink skirt Darth Vader

Seriously, one would think that people would tend to shy away from a terrible idea once it had been done (and graphically shown what a horrendous idea it really was), but then one could never accuse a Hello Kitty fanatic of thinking (sent in by Ryan)…

darth vader hello kitty

Original Post

Many people are aware of the Hello Kitty Darth Vader that was photoshopped, but what many aren’t aware of is that someone who saw that photoshop thought (for some reason that nobody that is sane will quite understand) it would actually be a good idea to create a real life Hello Kitty Darth Vader costume and shows up at various events:

Hello Kitty Darth Vader

Hello Kitty Darth Vader

Hello Kitty Darth Vader costume

Hello Kitty Darth Vader

While my wife has absolutely no interest in Star Wars, she thinks that it would be a good idea for me to meet the Hello Kitty Darth Vader because this will somehow show me the good side of Hello Kitty. I can only imagine that when the combined strength of the Dark Force and Hello Kitty evilness are joined into a single entity, there will be nothing there but a black hole to suck out any hope for humanity that one might have. Then again, Hello Kitty already does that quite nicely on her own…

Sent in by tricia who I would wish some evil upon, but who must already have been converted to the Dark Side for ever thinking that it would be a good idea to send me these photos…

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41 Responses to Hello Kitty Darth Vader (not photoshopped)

  1. Kitteh!! says:

    The Sith the others don’t talk about!

  2. acton says:

    Come to the pink side Mr. HKH and your training will be complete.

  3. Fanboy Wife says:

    This is just one more reason I need to avoid cons…

  4. Kitteh!! says:

    @ Fanboy Wife. From your blog, your hubbie is a superhero comics fan? Unless things are different in the US, I don’t see him associating with HK fans much or often.

  5. Liz says:

    Good grief.

  6. E says:

    I don’t know, I find that middle aged school girl to be much more terrifying…

  7. Babsiegirl says:

    This is just too awesome for words to my five year old daughter and me. My seven year old son, however, contends that it’s a crime against nature :).

  8. darlene says:

    Everyone can see that the only black hole is this blog and the logic that you use. Everyone loves Hello Kitty and that is why even Darth Vader wants to be part of her. Nobody is taking photos with the other people there, but they are of the Hello Kitty Darth Vader which proves that she is popular and loved.

    Darth Vader scares children, but when he is combined with Hello Kitty, there is nothing scary about him. This is good for everyone. I think you are upset that people LIKE all the Hello Kitty things that you don’t which proves your blog is nothing but lies about how people feel about Hello Kitty.

  9. lis says:

    @ darlene Darth vader is a villen that tries to deystroy plantets……wait mabybe one step below taking over the eath to hell kittyifye

    Well thats my opain anyways

  10. Kitty says:

    Wait till Lucas sees this, he’ll either go ape or take over Sanrio for the merchandising profits. :D

    As to Darlene, sweety, its hideous, there is no comparable tween Vader and HK. Vader is sweetness and light compared to that inbred little mange cur that is HK.

  11. leslie says:

    @darlene im going to go to a star wars forum and link them to your comment. prepare for the the hellfire of geek wrath

  12. Maaike. says:

    Darlene I can prove you it will scare children -evil laugh-

  13. Hana says:

    I think a ton of old school Star Wars/Darth Vader fans just committed suicide on the inside.
    Maybe a few on the outside, too.

  14. Lynn says:

    That is just a wolf ( who knows what kind ) in sheep’s clothing and it’s even scarier than the original Darth Vader !

    Pay no attention to the guy behind the mask…Yeah right !

  15. melora says:

    The force is strong with him/her ;)

  16. acton says:

    next: Hello Kitty Dark Helmet.

  17. Maaike. says:

    @Malora: You mean it? :]

  18. Gail says:


  19. cleopatra says:

    There you are Darlene. I was worried youd gone away for good. You people don’t understand Darlene. She only wants Hello Kitty peace and Hello Kitty love for the whole world. Is that so much to ask?

  20. Fanboy Wife says:

    Kitteh!!, I meant that conventions are scary enough – but now there’s a pink Darth Vader lurking! The photos I see of people dressed up at these things are a little disturbing.

  21. Daphne says:

    I agree with E that the middle ages Brittney Spears lady scares me more.

  22. danigirl says:


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  24. Pez says:

    I sense Dragon*con. :D

  25. Matt says:

    I think a bow on the helmet would have been a nice touch…

  26. Nina says:

    That’s cruel! I feel so sorry for Darth Vader now!

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  28. OohLala says:


  29. Jerry Yang says:

    Omg the hello kitty darth vader last one with the pink skirt thats my friend and am the one who inspired her to do it lol OMG wow this is funny

  30. Jerry Yang says:

    Dont fun of my friend i thought it was great and funny i love her i was a school girl and am a guy lol

  31. me says:

    come to the dark side or dart kitty will kill you

  32. helloneko says:

    darth vaders gay brother, that is just so so so wrong

  33. biteme says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!~!!!!!!!!!!!! that. is. wrong.

    what the hell were tey theinking when they made that?? and people actually WORE thta monstrosity?!?!?!?!?!?

    wow, society has sunk lower

  34. Lilly says:

    THAT IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN. No lie. That’s just awesome.

  35. Aubreanna says:

    those hello kitty darth vaders look cute to me

  36. Kristina says:


  37. Karen says:

    What’s most disgusting to me is the woman with her belly showing and wearing the short plaid skirt.

  38. emily says:

    i think i liked the picture of darth vader with the slutty, obese school girl the best haha

  39. Luna says:

    …… I saw the top one at the last con I went to wonder if I still have pics..

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