Hello Kitty Spam Sushi

There are certainly enough Hello Kitty goods to make anyone instantly say wtf. In fact, they are so plentiful that most people would assume that Hello Kitty must have exhausted her wtf quota, but this assumption would leave you sorely mistaken. There really isn’t any other way to react to the fact that Hello Kitty Spam sushi exists:

Hello Kitty Spam sushi

Gently reach for your chin, slowly push it up and close that dropped jaw. Once your mouth is closed, take both hands and place them on either side of your head to stop it from shaking back and forth. Next, get a glass of water and some stomach antacid to try to control the gag reflex and building stomach uneasiness. If a toilet is not nearby, placing a bucket by your side is probably a good idea. Try to avoid thinking about what you just saw. If this is impossible, repeat the process from the beginning again.

Seriously, it’s simply impossible to make this stuff up…

Sent in by anna who should have to eat Hello Kitty Spam sushi on a daily basis for the rest of her life as punishment for ever thinking that letting me know that something like this exists would be a good idea…

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41 Responses to Hello Kitty Spam Sushi

  1. Kitteh!! says:

    I like and do fusion cuisine regularly, and still think this is “a dish too far” irrespective of the HKification!

  2. Friedrich says:

    Hello Kitty is the LEAST of the problems with this dish correct me if I am wrong, But Spam in sushi seem like the the worst Idea since Chunky tuna bites were added to Ice cream, both good or ok on their own but together, It’s a culunary Frankenstein.

    OOPS! Ive said too Much! Tuna Ice cream already exists!
    As do other flavors on a googled site under –
    101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World

    Fish Ice Cream – (Sanma Aisu) Something must smell fishy about ice cream flavored with saury, a saltwater fish popular in Japan…But there’s no worries about that with this offering from Kimura Shoten as the fishy fumes have been drowned out by liberal doses of brandy. Not the greatest tasting ice cream on earth, though.

    Octopus Ice Cream (Taco Aisu) Want to tantalize the taste buds with a tentacle? If so, Octopus Ice Cream is the go. Japanese have been able to come up with an amazing variety of uses for octopus. Little wonder that octopus has found its way into ice cream, then.

    THESE will probably be be the next things to get the Hello Kitty Seal of Approval, . Mr hello Kitty may get some satisfaction though as I doubt that even his wife would brave the octopus Ice cream, no matter how many Hello Kitty’s they put on it .
    (Found both products though Google)

  3. Nickolis says:

    Actually, this dish is called “SPAM Musubi” and is hugely popular in Hawaii. You should be able to order this at any halfway authentic Hawaiian grill/restaurant… minus the Hello Kitty-iffication.

  4. Claire says:

    I think I’m far more disturbed by the presence of spam than anything else.

  5. Marlene says:

    Awesome! There’s a Hello Kitty for every taste!

  6. Tonya Lei says:

    It looks like it’s copying the little keychain on the bottom

  7. caryn says:

    I’m sorry, but is there a matching Hello Kitty sushi charm on the table in front of that culinary disaster?

  8. Anna says:

    it looks more like the Hawaiian SPAM Musubi.

  9. Valencia says:

    It disturbs me that people actually eat spam.

  10. Meredith says:

    Definitely from Hawaii. They are the only ones I have ever known to eat spam with sushi/musubi. And I see that we have both here! How delightful. Yes indeed, you can get spam musubi in 7-11s in Hawaii…though I suspect the Hello Kitty ones are only available from specialty shops.

  11. Meredith says:

    Oh, and Caryn – that’s exactly what it is. Hello Kitty is popular in Hawaii too, especially at ABC Stores.

  12. acton says:

    Looks like a Spam musubi alright, the stuff rules. I guess you have to live in Hawaii. It looks like a Spam musubi contest.
    Still MR. HKH Hell are you over reacting just a bit, its just a few pieces of Hello Kitty Sushi garnish.

    I eat Hello Kitty Spam Musubi in your direction. (pan fried slices in Teriyaki glaze first.)

  13. Spica says:

    Look on the bright side if your wife ever makes this for you. At least you can bite hello kitty’s head off.

  14. ABW says:

    The sushi is cute but omit the Spam. Even though I’ve never actually eaten Spam, it looks disgusting enough to make me NOT want to try it.

  15. Sharon says:

    Looks like the one who made this was never told not to play with their food…

  16. Lynn says:

    Oh, Spam and Sushi…horrid !

    Hawaii is crazy for Spam because they ate so much of it during and after WWII. They have a huge celebration of Spam every year !

  17. Hana says:

    Hello Kitty actually does make this worse, though, although spam was gross all by itself. I don’t think there’s enough money or antacid in the world to make or help me eat this. Ugh.
    Here’s praying your wife doesn’t pick this up.

  18. Liz says:

    Ewww… As if HK wasn’t bad enough…

  19. Jere' says:

    never tried spam
    it looks good sometimes…
    I kinda like some sushi.
    I’d love to try this though…depending on how much it cost chances are I will never try this…..
    but its cute so it serves its purpose

    omg Friedrich [you know so much]
    I’ve got to try all those ice creams!!!
    eh I know I’m weird like that

    hello kitty hell person man
    your such a guy
    I love it

  20. Katie says:

    Hahahaha! Hello Kitty takes over the world!


  21. Catbunny says:

    The Hello Kitty in this case does not bother me at all. I think that’s cute, actually!

    But… spam sushi. :6 *yuk*

  22. Kitteh!! says:

    After a quick websearch, I’ve confirmed my first thought – Spam sushi is fusion, (and IMO a very bad idea, since it contains Spam).

    Also surely using preserved cooked meat breaks the first rule of suchi, that your ingredients should be fresh?

  23. danigirl says:

    spam+anything= recipe for disaster this is just so much worse than it already could be

  24. iddi iddi says:

    Pardon me but why are you advertising hello kitty to the right side of your blog?

  25. Gail says:

    Darlene? Darlene? Hello?

  26. leslie says:

    YYUUUUUUCKK!!! i hate spam!

    spam spam spam spammity spam!

  27. kristal says:

    that is revolting.
    truly revolting

  28. Bernard says:

    OMG! HK has just kicked open the door in my brain behind which only good things lie (like sushi, chocolate and banana smoothies) and taken a giant dump on the carpet by linking the absolutely abhorrent concept of spam with the purely delightful concept of sushi! Things will never be the same again…

  29. Fanboy Wife says:

    I half expected to see some Vikings singing about this atrocity. I couldn’t imagine a more unappetizing meal.

  30. acton says:

    Spam Spam Spam spam Spam Kitty Spam Spam.

  31. CC-chan says:

    Definitely Spam Musubi. It’s not too bad at all. In Hawaii spam is an option for breakfast (Along with Portuguese Sausage and Bacon). And it’s not too uncommon to find it in your fried rice or even omelet. And I think I saw that cell phone accessory in an ABC store, though over here they popularized the cancer kitty (Hello Kitty that has this brown tan).

  32. Mandarin Kitten says:

    where the hell is darlene?
    I wanted to see a ridiculous comment!
    oh well, still looks ok to eat, i luvs sushi (^_^)

  33. HKCutie says:

    Yummy Yummy…in your tummy
    Spam….the other pink meat
    Pan fried is best….Hello Kitty loves it!
    Heart attack in a can…this is true
    Full of fat and salty too
    But in Hawaii Spam is king
    Doesn’t this Spiced Ham make you sing?
    Try it….you’ll like it!

  34. quas says:

    Are the baked beans off? Can I have Spam instead?

  35. Kassia says:

    It’s called spam musubi and it’s an extremely popular dish in hawaii. It’s sounds disgusting but it’s really really tasty :D

  36. Phatchick96 says:

    I have only one thing to say, EEAAAWWWW!!!!!

  37. Dori says:

    I MISS MUSUBIs!!!! I’m from Hawaii but live in Boston for school!!! I think I’ll make some tonight :)

  38. scabs says:

    honestly i would eat those, i love spam and rice and shit like that and im hungry.

  39. collectedanimal says:

    spam musubi is delicious! It looks horrifying but don’t knock it til you try it :D

  40. bree :D says:

    I’d buy this. Even though I’m a vegitarian. o.o

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