Hello Kitty Skis

My wife loves to head to the mountains in winter because she has this horrendous Hello Kitty snowboard set-up (she doesn’t actually snowboard much, but she sure does enjoy sitting at the bar in her Hello Kitty outfit), but she has never really wanted to ski. Of course, that was until the evil feline introduced these Hello Kitty skis by Victoria Couture:

Hello Kitty skis

Now my wife has a keen interest in skiing and thinks that these skis would make a perfect pair to buy in order to support her now found passion for the sport. Of course, this “sport” is not skiing, but the sport of placing the skis in a strategic position so that all can see them when she points out the bar window. And the sport of making me carry them around so that the skis don’t ruin her Hello Kitty ski bar lounging outfit. See, there is still Hello Kitty Hell even when snow is falling all around…

Sent in by Clément (via liberation)

Update: You knew that Hello Kitty could never stop with just the Victoria Couture skis and would also produce a Victoria Couture snowboard to match because the evil feline knows that all Hello Kitty fanatics would need both…

Hello Kitty snowboard Victoria Couture

Sent in by plavlet

And some Hello Kitty angel skis

Hello Kitty skis with angel design

Sent in by brent

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14 Responses to Hello Kitty Skis

  1. danigirl says:

    first post yay!!!!

  2. tiffany says:

    i dont mind owning one of those hello kitty skis. it would be awesome if they carry the same designs for snowboards.

  3. Rhianimator says:

    Just confirms my long held opinion that only insane people fall down mountains on pieces of wood… er…ski. I’ve been taken skiing twice for my birthday and both occasions were unmitigated disasters. HK skis would have just made it that much worse. Which also goes to show that no matter how bad things are, HK can add to it.

  4. Meryat says:

    You’re more likely to get your legs broken with these. They’re infused with Ohell Kitty’s Extra Feline Evil!

  5. Sharon says:

    It may snow in Hello Kitty Hell. You can at least console yourself thinking at least the snowflakes aren’t millions of tiny little Hello Kitty heads.

  6. Liz says:

    Skiing’s way too hard anyway.

  7. danigirl says:

    awww Liz you should try snowboarding…but you really have to want it

  8. tiffany says:

    ohh yay snowboards ;]

  9. danigirl says:

    ugh I bet that snowboard is crap to ride

  10. LYNN says:


  11. Stephanie Albury says:

    Where can i get a set of Hello kitty ski’s?? or a snowboard?

  12. Annatina says:

    I must get that snowboard ……….!!!
    Where~?!?! Where~?!?!
    Where can I get one??

  13. kidoekid says:

    I really want to get that HK snowboard for my girlfriend… where can i find it? ive searched and searched, but no luck anywehre! someone please help, lol.

  14. dingo says:

    i really want to find hello kitty ski poles…anyone know where???

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