Free Hello Kitty Toaster

Hello Kitty Hell took a major step down into the depths this past week which I never anticipated. I received an email from my parents in the US saying that a packaged addressed to a “Mrs. Hello Kitty Hell” arrived at their house and they wanted to know if I had any idea what it was about (they had no idea that I even wrote this blog). I instantly knew that whatever was going on, it was not going to be good.

After a few emails back and forth and having my parents open up the package, it was determined that some unknown person (the note inside only said “Some gifts for you” and was not signed by anyone) had sent my wife a rather large package of Hello Kitty crap, but had made the mistake of thinking that my parent’s US address was our address. This makes me want to ask a couple of questions to the sender:

1. If you have been reading this blog, what on earth makes you think that my wife needs any more Hello Kitty crap?

2. Isn’t it just a bit creepy and stalker-like that you decided to try and track down my address instead of just asking? (although had you asked, I would have refused to give it out)

Since there is absolutely no way I am going to let any of this stuff end up in my wife’s already far too large Hello Kitty collection, it’s your lucky day. I’m simply going to give away everything in the package before my wife gets a chance to lay claim to it. While I’m still trying to figure out exactly what was in the package (my parents have no idea what some of the stuff is since some of it has foreign writing on it, but they should be sending me photos shortly), there is no doubt that a Hello Kitty toaster was part of the package. I think it is best to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Hello Kitty toaster

If you would like to enter the contest for the free Hello Kitty toaster, simply leave a comment below. One entry per person, so please don’t leave multiple comments.

I will have a random number generated for the comments. I will have a random number generated for all the comments left below. The person’s comment that matches the number will receive the toaster, which will be sent out by my parents. I will put up the rest of the Hello Kitty crap from the box once I get photos and know what it is that needs to be given away. While I truly hope that someone that dislikes the evil feline wins and then takes the time to show how they destroy the Hello Kitty toaster, even if it goes to a fanatic it is better than it landing back at my house and in my wife’s collection…

The contest starts now and will end at 3:00 pm eastern (2:00 central, 1:00 mountain and 12:00 pacific) on Wednesday November 4th. Open to anyone living anywhere in the world except anyone living at my address in Japan ;)

Update: The contest has ended and we have a winner:

random number

#20 on the list is Lauren who I shall be emailing shortly. Congrats and I’m happy it will be going to your house instead of mine!

Update: For all of you that lost, this little tidbit may make you feel a little better:

I recently read your blog post about your wife’s mysterious toaster (weird but that’s not why I am emailing you). I have a couple of small hello kitty things like some pens and a mouse pad so my friends think I love it (they should meet your wife) a lot. They bought me that same toaster from target for Christmas and a month after I got the damn thing it had an electrical malfunction and almost set my kitchen on fire! — Kerry

Then again, in you are a Hello Kitty fanatic and your house is filled with Hello Kitty crap, a fire might be the best result you could hope for…

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550 Responses to Free Hello Kitty Toaster

  1. drew says:

    omg omg omg i’ve been in love with hello kitty since i was 4 and i’m 14 now. This would totally be awesome for all my hello kitty things (i have the hello kitty fender guitar, i just had to say that) :)

  2. damariz says:

    hope i win i love hello kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. rebecca says:

    i will die if i dont have this :…..((

  4. Crystal says:


  5. Crystal says:


  6. lorie herr-wicks says:

    i am a mother of three beautiful children whom my youngest is a 5 year old girl who happens to love hello kitty.i have cancer and my husband needs 2 hip replacement surgeries and a back surgery.with the way the economy is today we cannot afford to buy her the toaster.with my husband out on disability and our house being put up for auction we cannot make ends daughter adores hello kitty and if she won the toaster you would make a beautiful 5 year old princess very happy. thank you for understanding what this toaster means to my little girl.

    • Mercedes Gonzalez says:

      Umm Ya Right

      I want to WiN cause I Have Been Obsesed With Hello Kitty Sense I Was Liitle Im !2 And My room I Hello Kitty If U Give mE This It Would Litterally Complete my Colection
      Come to Da Dark Side We Have Cookehs (d)

  7. random person says:

    aww giving away the toaster i sent to you :( in that case i want it back :P
    jk i didnt sent it XD

  8. Angel Valentine says:

    hey im angel and i live in the uk im not the biggest hello kitty fan in the world but i do think its rather cute. i think what ur doing is a really good idea and helping to support Olympians xx

  9. carol says:

    Is this for real if so my 7 yr. daughter is such a Hello Kitty fan that she’ll only wear Hello Kitty clothes.

  10. Hellooo Kittyy(: says:

    i want dis so baddd!. :)

  11. odette says:

    awsome toaster and I truly do not own even a regualr toaster, it will go great with some of my choco cat stuff

  12. my daughter is hello kitty daft and now her younger sister is crazy about it too, they both would love a hello kitty toaster please.

  13. lisa bumgarner says:

    Holy crap, i want this.

  14. tracy foss says:

    my daughters best friend loves,loves, Hello Kitty. She would love to have one of to have one. thank you.

  15. Julia Guirand says:

    aw i hope i win!

  16. tyleah cain says:


    I am in high school and am in a compitition to beet this girl at who has the most and coolest hello kitty stuff, I am already being hello kitty for halloweenie, but this wold top it off (:

    please choose me!!

  17. vanada says:

    OMG i love HELLO KITTY I WANT IT lol I HOPE I WIN thanks :) and happy birthday to hello kitty

  18. Jessica Flowers says:

    I absolutely love Hello Kitty. I’ve known about the toaster so long, but can never find a place to get it. I would love to have it!

  19. Amanda Wheeler says:

    I want a hello kitty toaster!!!!! <3

  20. mollyjane says:

    i love hello kitty and free stuff so give me da toasta!!!!!! please?

  21. naomi says:

    i loveeeeeeeee hello kitty i can hardly afford anything anymore cause my perents lost there job i would lovee to have that toaster <3 <3 <3

  22. Vanessa Lopez says:

    omg i love this im a hello kitty freak and this is soo cute!

  23. Angelina cacho says:

    I Absolutely love Hello Kitty ive been a fan of her ever since i was little if i win this i dont what id do id really cry from being so happy .

  24. kennedy says:


  25. alexes Daniel says:

    Yay hello kitty i die for one of those
    I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. brigittekills says:

    i really want this im a huge hew kiddy fan:{ <3

  27. beverly says:

    If i could win this hello kitty toaster i would die because i am a hello kitty fan and because hello kitty is so cute and because i just cant afford one no money and parents don’t work:/!.

  28. Heather says:


  29. esmeralda says:

    Always wanted a toaster like this but since i dont have a job I can’t afford it. my little sisters love hello kitty n would be the great birthday present.

  30. maria e velasquez says:

    It will be absolutely nice to have a toaster which my daughter will appreciate. Hope to have one…

  31. siobhan says:

    o gosh this is exciting i have a pillow case and a belt buckle but i cant find any hello kitty in london ontario!!!grrr my boyfriends brother has a toaster exactly like this only its toronto maple leafs haha i want this toaster please please

  32. Kim sanders says:

    My twin would love this sence toat is a food she can have with her kidneys failing

  33. Haley says:

    I’ll be more than glade to take tht toaster off your hands :))

  34. Paula Villasenor says:

    I LOVE HELLO KITTY!!!!! i would love to win this toaster

  35. Felicity McSorley says:

    I love Hello Kitty! This would go perfect with my collection. (:

  36. Georgie says:

    If i won this i would be super buber happy and try to get you guys known through vlogs, facebook, and telling people about it.

  37. Jackie Jones says:

    WANT. :D <3

  38. Breanna McGuire says:

    OMGoodness!! :) its adorable i love it &&.. i want it (:

  39. Becky says:

    If love to have this me and my bf love hello kitty!!! :)

  40. Jacinda Volpe says:

    I WANT IT!! <3

  41. Pudding says:


  42. Charlea says:

    This would be the perfect christmas present for my daughter. PICK ME.

  43. Mary Rears says:

    I would so love to get this for my daughter she has loved Hello Kitty her entire life…Huge fan so it would be great to get this for her thanks for giving me a oppurtunity to win this thanks

  44. RayCupcake says:

    Awe… I love hello kitty :) this would be great for our home :)

  45. kellie hanbury says:

    hi, my daughter and myself love cats and hello kitty and we both would love to win this toaster to add to our collection. thankyou.

  46. Venese says:

    Hi Im A 18 Year Old Mom & I Love Buying My Daughter Hello Kitty Stuff This Would Be Great For Her Colllection

  47. Parker says:

    I would die to have that toaster!!!!! I love hello kitty with all my heart. I wish every one whom love hello kitty the greater chance at winning the toaster!!
    Good luck!! :)

  48. mikaela says:


  49. Tina says:

    oooh! toaster !! it was actully a bit cool! :D

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