Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

This is on my wife’s current wish list which probably means that I will soon have the evil feline flipping me off every time I go to get a cup of life sustaining liquid. I wonder how long I will have to sleep in the Hello Kitty sleeping bag when my wife sees me returning the favor while yelling at the water dispenser, “%*@& you too! How the hell can you get away sitting around flipping off the world and claim you are simply ‘sucking on your finger’ when you don’t even have a mouth!” I can see that I’m going to be needing a Hello Kitty straight jacket soon…

Hello Kitty water dispenser

Sent in by Azielle

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21 Responses to Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

  1. Gina says:

    It looks like she’s peeing in the water cooler.. lmao.

  2. Jadawin says:

    Costco around here currently has the two-pack of the HK Water Cooler and the HK Gumball Machine for $24.99 or so. Might be a low cost savings for HKH this month. :)

  3. Shakespeare_mara says:

    Thank you Gina! That was my first thought! I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! That is sooooooooooo freakin wrong!

  4. Allaina says:

    I was given a HK water cooler for Christmas, but it wasn’t shaped like that.

  5. Jadawin says:

    Taking a look at it, I realize the one in the two-pack simply has a ‘normal’ cylinder on top for the water.

  6. Jadawin says:

    And of course, It’s not a ‘cooler’, just a ‘dispenser’ in either case.

  7. Liz S. says:

    Looks cheap and leaky.

    Okay, so I guess I’m the ONLY one who cares, but still…

    • Beth says:

      No, you’re right; it IS cheap and leaky. I was given the regular (bottle topped) version for Christmas several years ago and I just sold it at a yard sale for $2. I never used it after Christmas Day!

  8. Josh says:

    Looks like my hello kitty urinal but smaller…

  9. lay says:

    soooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeeee!!!

  10. maikitty says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. honeyheart says:

    LOLOL. it does look like HK is peeing…I LOVE YOU HOLA GATO!!

  12. jennifer says:

    the water dispencer it soooo cute and i want 1 where can u get it

  13. priZiya says:

    this is sooo cute i want one my room is hello kittysh hihi

  14. kell kell watson says:

    I am in love!

  15. hello bunny says:

    hello kitty isnt sucking her finger or sticking it up at you, i think maybe she is resting it on her face by her mouth like she’s thinking or maybe she’s just telling you to stfu and stop your whinning about her, cause she is the boss of the world and you are not :P

  16. dubstep says:

    saw this at walmart a few years ago… i should have gotten it as soon as i saw it because now they don’t sell it anymore. :(

  17. Kim.... says:

    Hello kitty says uh ooo when you say yummy

  18. Target says:

    That’s where they sell them along with a microwave , a mini fridge, and little sweeper.

  19. misspinkHK says:

    I want this!!!!….i have nvr saw these in Texas before :-(

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