Hello Kitty Devil Worship

Apparently there is a rumor going around that Hello Kitty was created as a result of a pact with the devil. While I would like to claim that this idea was mine (hey, I live in Hello Kitty Hell), it turns out that this episode is far more sinister:

The story is how Hello Kitty came to be…that a mother or father, depending on the version of the story had a child that had cancer. The parent made a pact with the devil that if the child was cured they would create a character in the devil’s honor that would be adored worldwide. There are different variations but they all boil down to the point that Hello Kitty is evil and that God fearing people should stay away from any HK products as they are affiliated with the Devil and Devil worship.

While this is not technically true, it’s hard to dismiss completely since Sanrio likes to use the devil theme on many of their products:

hello kitty devil bra and panty set

This is how I assume this rumor came to be:

Sanrio was running out of products on which to place the evil feline and decided that one demographic they had not yet converted in large numbers were devil worshippers. Since the goal of Hello Kitty is world domination, the corporate offices made up a story that would appeal to devil worshippers and began sending out the email. The plan has worked brilliantly and you can now count several hundred thousand devil worshippers as ardent Hello Kitty fans. While this may at first appear to be over the top and unbelievable, remember that Sanrio still officially pretends that their shoulder massager is nothing more than a shoulder massager. When you think about, all of a sudden this makes a whole lot more sense. Just saying…

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  1. The only thing I believe about this story is that whoever created Hello Kitty really is a satan worshiper. For those who don’t know, in order for one to become rich & famous (celebrities, famous clothing designers & etc. one has to sell their soul.. Just for fortune & fame.. Millions & millions of dollars that shouldn’t matter to them because in the end.. It wont’t be so worth it because one day, we will All stand before God on judgment day. Hello Kitty represents a Sex Kitten.. Just the same way that Cheetah print also represents a sex kitten. All these famous people that go around flaunting their goodies in short lil leopard print mini skirts or shorts & blouses are getting paid to represent the All Famous trademark of a Sex Slave. ….. Don’t believe it?… Just look it up for yourself. All the information is right there on the internet.These celebrities sell their souls.. Ever notice how they always do hand symbolism around their eye which represents “The All Seeing Eye”/The Eye of Lucifer.
    Keep in mind that we do not live in a perfect world.. Or a fantasy world where satan is just in chill mode & sittin back watching us live our lives & he’s just watching ever so nicely & wishing good things upon humanity.. Think again. If you’ve read the Bible & have studied the Bible, you will Know that satan and the fallen angels got kicked out of Heaven because they are wicked.. Evil. They were trying to corrupt Heaven. So if he tried to corrupt Heaven.. What makes u think he won’t try to corrupt this world?

  2. God loves u. The Lord is calling on you.. But are you really listening? There IS a Heaven and there IS a hell; we all need to repent & change our sinful ways before it’s too late. Psalm 16:11 says “Thou will show me The Path of Life.” WHO is gonna show us? GOD! But HOW can He show you, if you won’t let Him? Just want you to know because our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ cares & I care.. Thank you & God bless.
    Remember, it’s never too late to make a fresh start with God.

  3. A loving god wouldn’t toss people’s souls into an everlasting inferno because he’s overly emotional and needs them to pay attention to him. Jesus was a man, despite his lineage you worship a man rather than directly having faith in your creator. We might as well go back to worshiping thunder storms.

  4. It’s not about God tossing people’s souls into the fiery pits of hell. That’s us making the choice of going to hell and Satan making claim. Please stop blaming God for human choice’s and Satan’s deceit. It’s easy to get it twisted isn’t it. That’s what Satan does. He wants us to thing God is mean and selfish. Read your bible for facts before judging. Thanks.
    God bless!

  5. Wow. You god freaks are really stupid. The cat doesn’t worship satan it’s a freakin cat! And you guys need to stop trying to kiss gods ass because when your at the gates of heaven he might just make you stuck on earth because he doesn’t want to deal with your clingy ass. No one likes a suck up even your god says he loves every one. And I’m sure even god says YOU CAN’T MESS WITH FREE WILL!

  6. Kitty stop being sick and I stopped liking themstop itright now how can you don’t listen to double please listen to this messagehello everyone elseyou stop I also like youthis girl message to Hello Kitty goodbye

  7. I am upsets with hello kitty but every one at school tell me that hello kitty is the devil but I don’t care and I just ignor them and I don’t think she the devil cuz she’s not the devil so I don’t care what people say!

  8. they said hello kitty has no mouth because a child of mother was have a mouth cancer so the mom created a cartoon character it commanded by satan i dont know if this is real,but i really hate hello kitty merchandise i only pushing it to devil worship sometimes.and sometimes when i see a hello kitty school supply its like someone pushing me to steal it and sometimes i really steal it :(…

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