Forehead Tattoo

Getting a Hello Kitty tattoo is bad, getting one right smack front and center of your forehead pretty much assures that you have – how should I say this diplomatically – lost your damn mind (my theory is that Sanrio has invented a Hello Kitty virus that makes people do things like this…):

Hello Kitty forehead tattoo

Hello Kitty forehead tattoo

This is the type of tattoo that gets put on when you have had a few too many beers and then you wake up the next morning and wonder why the damn thing won’t rub off. At least, that is what I truly hope happened because it just doesn’t register that anyone would purposely want to do this to themselves. But then again, one should never underestimate what the evil feline will get people to do willingly…

Sent in by Aja D (via livejournal) who should have to get a Hello Kitty tattoo in the middle of her forehead for ever thinking that bringing these photos to my attention could ever be a good thing…

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153 Responses to Forehead Tattoo

  1. Maxibon says:

    It looks like this dude is looking for attention… Going through a phase as most parents would say…
    One day he’s going to wake and realize what a big mistake having that tattoo was… laser removal on your forehead is going to painful and it’s going to look gross…
    Well done dude… You parents must be so proud! YUK!

  2. nia says:

    lmao, make the comments stop. please.

  3. TM says:

    He’ll never get any cock shaving his eyebrows like that

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