Hello Kitty Canned Pasta With Sauce

One would think that the mere fact that Hello Kitty pasta exists would be enough to satisfy the evil feline in the area of pasta, but that would be greatly underestimating the desire of Hello Kitty to take over the world. So the next obvious step was for the people at Sanrio to help develop Hello Kitty canned pasta:

hello kitty canned pasta

When you see something like this, you can only hope that the small dent in the can has caused the contents to go totally bad resulting in your death by food poisoning after the first bite because that would be far less painful than actually having to consume an entire can of this stuff…

Sent in by Michela

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16 Responses to Hello Kitty Canned Pasta With Sauce

  1. Kitty Addict says:

    Sometimes it is really really unbelievable what kind of Hello Kitty stuffs exist.

  2. tiffany says:


    ps. I really miss HKH’s insults to the senders T_T

  3. kitteh!! says:

    The true evil here is the over-cooked mush that Heinz sell as “pasta”, rather than the HKification itself.

  4. Gail says:

    I wonder, what country is this from?

  5. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    If I were still a kid, I would have beg my mom to buy this for me, but now I would perfer to eat REAL FOOD! Wouldn’t it be great if Sanrio came out with a HK shaped pasta ready to boil?

  6. Sabree says:

    @Sanriobaby I believe that does exist…

  7. Star says:

    Heinz is often used as a word to describe a mongrel animal, from the “51 varieties of pickles” associated with Heinz – 51 breeds mixed in. Perhaps Hello Kitty is an inbred street animal?

  8. Mitch says:

    Your blog is a great hobby for someone who loves Hello Kitty but refuses to ever admit it. What a great way to get a constant supply of Hello Kitty pictures and have an excuse to think about Hello Kitty every day!

    I like Hello Kitty, too!

  9. Acton says:

    I sen my condolences only because can pasta is disgusting regardless how cute the make the can.

    Still no hurt eating a can in defiance of Mr HKH

  10. michela says:

    yay! my pic made it up! i bought this stuff, since i am a huge hello kitty fan, but it is the most horrible shizz ever. hello kitty cant make everything better. lol.

  11. super says:

    Where can I buy the hello kitty pasta in a jar…and the whole wheat hello kitty pasta in a can….I’m in fresno ca, is there any way for me to get it mailed to my house…

  12. April_KittyGirl says:

    Yayyy I wondered when they would release this! Been looking for it.

  13. hkfan:) says:

    I would definitely buy this instead of plain pasta, hello kitty just makes everything better! :)

  14. omnomnom says:

    they have that here in montreal

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