Hello Kitty Eyes

What is it about Hello Kitty and eyes? Hello Kitty contact lenses are one of the most disturbing (and that is saying a lot considering the amount of disturbing this blog produces) items I have come across, so artwork depicting the evil feline as eyes just makes Hello Kitty creepier than she already is (which again, is saying a lot considering how creepy she is without doing a thing).

Hello Kitty eyes

The fact that it is not difficult to imagine that Hello Kitty would be more than willing to eat a person’s eyes out if she thought it would give her a bit more marketing power probably has a little to do with it…

Sent in by Amanda

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5 Responses to Hello Kitty Eyes

  1. D_peezy says:

    Hmmn…. That is interesting. Wouldn’t want it on my bedroom wall, though, unless i was entertaining Darlene.

  2. Sky Blu says:

    This is kind of scary….you can see two doors there… Who would want that in their house???

  3. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    Art is subjective and in my opinion this is really ugly and desparate to be creepy.

  4. Acton says:

    dam moder art. It ugly

    I send my condolences Mr. Hello Kitty Hell

  5. heather says:

    weird….i like hello kitty but some things are just sooo weird….

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