Hello Kitty Halloween Car

As I have stated before, the Halloween season is the start of a lot of Hello Kitty Hellishness. One would hope that the evil feline would be able to keep the theme somewhat on target with Hello Kitty pumpkins and Hello Kitty costumes with very little deviation into such things as Hello Kitty Halloween cupcakes, Hello Kitty Halloween tattoos and Hello Kitty Halloween nails. Of course, that would be hoping for the impossible as the Hello Kitty Halloween car so perfectly illustrates:

VW Bug Hello Kitty Halloween car

Why exactly anyone would want to drive around in a Hello Kitty car, let alone a Hello Kitty Halloween car, is so far beyond my comprehension that it ranks up there with someone thinking that a Hello Kitty forehead tattoo or a Hello Kitty scar would be a good idea, although I do have to admit that it’s one of the scariest Halloween things I have seen in a long time…

Left by Sarah Lara on the HKH Facebook page

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6 Responses to Hello Kitty Halloween Car

  1. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    How cute and fun!

  2. kitteh!! says:

    HK is dressed as the devil, and appearing on a VW Golf coupe (check what the platform is, not just the “retro” shell): How utterly appropriate for this site!

  3. sportschick86 says:

    yayyyy devil kitty

  4. Byrdie says:

    A little garish for my tastes, but I’d smile if I saw it rolling past.

  5. dendi says:

    Very cute one, my daughter gonna be love it, thanks for inspiration.

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