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While I am pretty sure that all Hello Kitty fanatics are going to deeply regret their tattoos, there are definitely some that are going to regret them more than others. My guess is that this Hello Kitty face tattoo is one that is going to fall into the category of “more than others.”

three hello kitty face tattoos

Obviously there are both good and bad points to this. On the positive side, this person has conveniently decided to let all sane people know to stay far, far away. On the negative side, everything else. Nothing shows the true nature of the evil feline (and your true dedication to individuality) than permanently inking three corporate logo variations onto your cheek…

Sent in by far too many readers…

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20 Responses to Face Tattoo

  1. Karen says:

    I’m a submissive so… yeah never going to regret my HK tat.

  2. =.= says:

    Well, that is probably the only way she will get people to stare at her face for more than a second.

  3. Sanriobaby =^.^= says:

    I’d never get a HK tattoo (or any type for that matter) on my face. With that said, we can all agree we’ve seen FAR WORSE HK tattoos on this site, so based on that, I’d give these a 7 out of 10, b/c I particularly love the zebra print one!

  4. Acton says:

    Good : not bad

    Bad: try to get a job interview outside of being a bartistia or and low wage retail small shop.

  5. Marozia says:

    That poor person is going to rue the day.

  6. candyfiend says:

    Saying that those are corporate logos is a bit of a stretch, and is kind of like saying that any depiction of mickey mouse is a “logo” of walt disney.
    Sanrio is a huge company with hundreds of different characters. Just because HK is the most famous/popular one, does not mean it is a logo of Sanrio or Hello Kitty, as she has been artistically drawn in every possible way.
    BTW, the one with her wearing glasses is cool.

    • paws4thot says:

      Er, “registered trademarks of “$megacorp Ltd” are not simply their trading name and logo. For instance, Chevrolet will have registered the word “Camaro” as well as the name “Chevrolet” and the “bow-tie” logo.

      Accordingly, Sanrio could have “Hello Kitty” and the original HK face registered as trademarks.

      • candyfiend says:

        Who said anything about trademarks? My comments were regarding logos, something entirely different.

        • paws4thot says:

          Treademarks and logos can be marks representing a specific product, such as Ford’s galloping horse for the Mustang car, Disney’s “Mickey Mouse ears” and Sanrio’s “Hello Kitty face” rather than just whatever the logo of Sanrio Corporation happens to be.

          • candyfiend says:

            Thanks for trying to define the difference between a logo and a trademark, however I think I already did that with my first post.

  7. dallas whitehead` says:


  8. kittylover09 says:

    on the face really? i have a hello kitty bow tat but its on my hip and i LOVE IT!! if this was on any other part of this persons body it would be cute.

  9. Deb says:

    Hello Unemployment.

  10. candyfiend says:

    Dallas whitehead, or anyone else that would like to chat…….Dallas, I am the same age as you………I am avaialable at acandyfiend at the email that rhymes with geee mail, but with one letter…..g mail……..
    Write me…..

  11. Patrick McKinnion says:

    Isn’t it incredible the ways nature finds to warn predators “danger, stay away!”

    Case in point, the markings on the face of this semi-domesticated primate…..

  12. kitty Christina says:

    OMG. Hello kitty is awesome, but this girl has gone too far. Forever now she will be judged by the tattoos on her face. Jobs and everything else in life will be much harder.

  13. lindsay says:

    I love hello kitty/ sanrio but why in god’s earth would you do that to your face? idiot.

  14. Kourtne says:

    that stuff fresh

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