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Comic Con

If you were planning to attend Comic Con is San Diego later this month, you might want to serious reconsider. Apparently, the evil feline will be there in full force with her (and I’m not making this up — this is a quote from their press release) “band of Lolitas, who personify anime, cosplay and the colorful style of Japanese pop culture, will host fans at the experience” to make sure that everyone wishes that they never attended. Let’s just … Continue reading

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Chicken Reversible Plush

If there was ever any doubt that the people at Sanrio aren’t even trying anymore (and there really is no doubt at all), the latest Hello Kitty creation should even convince the most skeptical. It has become readily apparent that they know that no matter what they make, fanatics of the evil feline will buy it. Case in point, the Hello Kitty chicken reversible plush:

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Hello Kitty Lego Halloween

Apparently there are some people that aren’t simply satisfied with ruining Halloween with an abundance of the evil feline, but also feel it necessary to throw in another beloved iconic toy to ruin as well. When this happens, the result is stuff like the Hello Kitty Lego Halloween figures:

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Hello Kitty Dart Board

One of the things that I fear most about posting Hello Kitty crap is that it will lead to more Hello Kitty crap in my email. A perfect example is when I posted the Hello Kitty shooting target on Facebook. Christine then offhandedly asked the question, “For those who don’t have access to guns, how about a Hello Kitty dartboard?” Guess what ended up in my mailbox a few days later? Was there any doubt that it was a Hello … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Build A Bear Halloween

While all seasons suck when you live in Hello Kitty Hell, the end of the year is the worst. I know immediately when October arrives because people start sending me stuff like Hello Kitty Halloween costumes and Hello Kitty pumpkins. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of the Hello Kitty Halloween crap that exists out there. To perfectly illustrate this point, I present the exclusive Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear Halloween orange witch:

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Hello Kitty Dissection

Most people put Hello Kitty and Halloween together to create some of the most awful combinations possible, but every once in awhile someone comes up with a quality idea on how to treat the evil feline at the end of October. Jason Freeny (of Hello Kitty anatomy fame) decided that Halloween 2010 should be dedicated to the dissection of the official Balzac Hello Kitty Skeleton Costume vinyl figure:

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Hello Kitty Silly Bandz

I have no idea what the purpose of silly bandz are, so I guess it makes perfect sense that the evil feline would want to align herself with them:

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Hello Kitty Darth Vader Helmet

This is why you never want to have a daughter with a Hello Kitty fanatic. When it comes time to give a gift to your daughter, somehow it will get rationalized that a full size custom Hello Kitty Darth Vader model head would be a good idea: Sent in by Holly (via JD Hancock – used with permission)

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Hello Kitty Xbox Controller

If there is one rule of thumb when living with a Hello Kitty fanatic, it is never to leave anything that you value where the Hello Kitty fanatic has access to it. Why you ask? Because if you do, you’ll end up with an Xbox controller that looks like this… left by eignasan via Twitter who says “My boyfriend will love his improved HK controller when he sees it.” Update: Apparently Gamecube game controllers are also not immune against being … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Rockband Guitar

It’s important to let all those out there who make a special effort to get their Hello Kitty fanatic significant other something that she would like to immediately stop it. It not only puts you deeper into Hello Kitty Hell, it makes it worse for all of us who are desperately trying to escape from it. Case in point, the Hello Kitty Rockband Guitar:

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Hello Kitty Bratz Lady Gaga Dress

Apparently Bratz doesn’t feel that Barbie should be the only one to get to wear the dress. It really doesn’t make a difference what doll is wearing it. It’s going to give the average non Hello Kitty fanatic nightmares… Sent in by tiff (via veik11 – used with permission)

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Hello Kitty Lady Gaga Barbie

What is worse than Lady Gaga dressed in a Hello Kitty plush dress? The thought of a line of Lady Gaga Barbies wearing that Hello Kitty plush dress:

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Hello Kitty Blythe Doll

I never understood the appeal of Blythe dolls. If you have spent even a little time on this blog, you already know I have absolutely no comprehension of what goes on inside the mind of Hello Kitty fanatics. So the combination of the two into a Hello Kitty Blythe doll pretty much defies all reason in my opinion which will mean it will be a huge hit with both Hello Kitty and Blythe fanatics. One more reason to lose hope … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Radio Controlled Truck

I’m not sure what is more disturbing — the fact that they actually make a Hello Kitty radio-controlled truck or the amount of fun that the person seems to be having using it. I kept hoping against hope that someone would walk by and step on the damn thing or that it would fall down a flight of stairs and give a satisfying end to the video — no such luck… Sent in by radioman

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Hello Kitty Razor

Yet another company sells its soul to the evil feline and Hello Kitty continues her quest to Hello Kittify every form of transportation possible with a marketing deal that will have Razor produce Hello Kitty razors in the near future:

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Hello Kitty Sushi Plush

The fact that Hello Kitty sushi exists is a pretty good damnation of the human race. That the evil feline also encourages fanatics to wear Hello Kitty chopsticks in their hair when she monetises this trend just further proves that all is not right in the world these days. Sent in by Jessica Update Mike Mozart reviews Hello Kitty plush for his failtoys Youtube channel:

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Hello Kitty Dr. Romanelli Internal Organs Figure

One of the many (many, many…) problems with Hello Kitty fanatics is their desire to make everything cute. This includes things that were never meant to be cute such as one’s internal organs. So it’s really no surprise that what is really inside you and what the evil feline wants all to believe is inside you are not quite the same:

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Hello Kitty Wii

Was there ever really any doubt? Wii had already started to produce official Hello Kitty Wii related items and fans were doing things that just weren’t right with Hello Kitty Wii mods. So I guess it’s not going to be too much longer until I walk home and my Wii controllers and Wii console looks like this… Sent in by patty Update: Because if you are going to ruin the Wii, you might as well have multiple ways of ruining … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Guitar Hero Wii Guitar Mod

One would think that the evil feline would be satisfied after convincing guitar makers to sell their souls and produce both Hello Kitty acoustic guitars and Hello Kitty electric guitars (not to mention what happens when people actually play them or even worse, pretend to play them). This, of course, would be greatly underestimating the lengths that she would go to to try and inflict pain on every person possible and neglect the fact that more and more people are … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Birthday Balloon

It may just be me, but this balloon looks like something that would come from a horror movie and terrorize the entire cast throughout. Then again, that’s what I feel about all things related to the evil feline, so I may be a bit biased… Sent in by Kylie

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