Hello Kitty DragonCon Pasties Nightmare

The Hello Robo Kitty in itself made it abundantly clear that not attending DragonCon 2009 was a wise decision. For anyone who still had any doubts, there was also this Hello Kitty pasties costume (not to be confused with these Hello Kitty pasties) roaming around at DragonCon. What I would give if I could somehow unsee this…

Hello Kitty pasties Dragoncon 2009

Hello Kitty Dragoncon 2009 pasties

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63 thoughts on “Hello Kitty DragonCon Pasties Nightmare

  1. Um, all I have to say is, sure, the fact that they make hello kitty nipple tassels is freaky.

    But don’t mock the girl wearing them. She’s going to dragon*con and having fun :/ Why do you lot have this need to mock someone who is actually happy with how they look?

    I mean, just because most of the females who’d be commenting and young enough to be claiming that their tits are “cuter” are probably throwing up in the bathroom to “make themselves skinnier”

    Woman’s breasts sag. It is what they do. If any of you had ever dated a woman past the age of 19 who actually had some tits, you would know this.

  2. :/ She’s pretty confident, so I guess more power to her.
    But she could use a little more support.
    Also, props to her boyfriend for going as Captain Jack.
    That made me smile.
    Lmao, @Hello Satan. Those pants are indeed terrible.

  3. There are a lot of morons posting. Anybody who thinks this is horrible has never been to Dragon*Con. This is tame. This is what people do at Dragon*Con. Dress outrageously and have fun. This lady fits in quite nicely. I’ll be at Dragon*Con in 2 weeks, and I’d love to meet her and have my picture taken with her. More power to ya, babe..

  4. That’s great and all that she feels good about herself, but forcing others in the public eye to see her in this fashion is what makes this disgusting. Not everyone wants to see how gravity works. And btw, I feel the same way about any form of public nudity

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