Hello Kitty Scooter

It was bound to happen. My wife informed me that she thinks she needs a scooter to get around on the short errands around town. Of course, this sudden desire for a scooter just happened to coincide with a reader sending me this photo:

Hello Kitty Scooter
Now after seeing this, I bet you’ll be surprised that I actually look at the above scooter and think, “Well maybe that wouldn’t be so bad.” (as you can see, Hello Kitty Hell is beginning to warp my common sense) See, when you live in a Hello Kitty Hell, even things that a normal person would consider hideous start to look acceptable when I know what else is out there that my wife would surely want even more if she only knew it existed.

Take, for example this lovely clash of Louis Vuitton seat on a Hello Kitty scooter

Hello Kitty Scooter
Or even worse, look at this pink monstrosity 

Hello Kitty Scooter
Knowing that those two scooters (and most likely others that are comparable) exist, maybe you can see why I might start imagining the top scooter is the least evil option. In Hello Kitty Hell, however, it’s not that easy. Once my wife realized that there were multiple Hello Kitty scooter styles out there, it was inevitable that she would want to begin a collection and that is certainly not a new Hello Kitty hobby I want to be encouraging.

The fear doesn’t stop there. If my wife gets a scooter, you know what it will mean don’t you? I’ll be the one that has to ride it most of the time (you can imagine how I am cringing as I write this knowing that she will also buy a Hello Kitty helmet to go with it). While she believes that she needs it to run errands, the truth is that I end up running the vast majority of them and inevitably there will be a time where I would have to ride the damn thing. It’s not even reality at this time and I’m already getting sick to my stomach…

Update: The evil feline is never satisfied to leave well enough alone:

Hello Kitty scooter moped black face

Sent in by HKGuy

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33 Responses to Hello Kitty Scooter

  1. Mike says:

    In order to maintain dignity DO NOT RIDE THE DEVIL BIKE!!!

  2. Amaranthim says:

    Well – if worse comes to worse…sugar in the gas tank?

  3. Sympathetic Guy says:

    MY wife loves Hello Kitty things…where can you buy a Hello Kitty Scooter like those? Is there a web site or store to go to?

  4. lenny says:

    Is that your wife in the photo?

  5. Is that your wife in the photo?

    Fortunately, no.

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  7. hellokittyloveR says:

    love it(:
    my birthday`s coming up and i`d love to get that

  8. jessica says:

    i am a hello kitty freak. before i moved in with my fiance i had my bathroom decorated in hello kitty. i had my bed decorated with hello kitty blankets and pillows. i have a hello kitty purse. i have a hello kitty toaster and television. but when my fiance moved in he said babe i love you but im not sleeping or taking a shower with a bunch of little pink and white cats.

  9. LubbinHelloKitty says:

    I lubb hello kitty, but then thare are just some people that take it tooo far. HelloKittyHell I feel sorry for you, but if u let her have the scooter, get urself your own or don’t get any scooters at all!

  10. jan says:

    my husband and yourself is in the same hello kitty hell but then he considers that our house is full of toys and not just hello kitty…. but then again it could be worse… i haven’t wanted to paint the bedroom pink and have hello kitty sheets..

  11. Jessica says:

    I love Hello Kitty and this scooter is so beautifuil. My friends love this scooter and I should get this for my birthday. This is so pretty I have a whole collection of Hello Kitty!!!!!!

  12. jade says:

    i love hello kitty its so cool i want the scooter so bad i have a hello kitty t-shirt i wear it all the time

  13. michelle says:

    niiiice(; i want that scooter!(;

  14. ashley,briana says:

    i love hello kitty!

  15. dave says:

    my daughter wants a hello kitty pda, i share your vision of hell.

  16. Millie Newton says:

    Me and my friend love Hello Kitty! My friend Abbie Tabner absolutly does and I can’t wait to see her face when Abbie and my friends hear about the scooter!

  17. larissa says:

    where can i buy a hello kitty scooter? my husband said that i could get a scooter and of course i want a hello kitty one. i have everything hello kitty. thanks!

  18. where can i buy a hello kitty scooter? my husband said that i could get a scooter and of course i want a hello kitty one. i have everything hello kitty. thanks!

    It isn’t going to happen…welcome to my hello kitty hell

  19. tayla says:

    i love hello kitty sooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  20. tayla says:

    i know my mom is going to get it for me but i dont know but she has 2 i been asking 4 it 4 my birthday

  21. ines says:

    hey Im in florida and i want to know more about this and if i can buy and where please …

  22. hey Im in florida and i want to know more about this and if i can buy and where please …

    For the sake of you and all the people around you, it ain’t going to happen

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  24. Deb says:

    I know I have a different view of this, not living in the 7th Circle of HK Hell, but I actually like the top one.

    Ya look at it objectively, many scooters can be pink without HK, so pink can be alright. And the shade of the color (unlike the 3rd one) and the nice lines to give it a more modern feel (unlike the uggo retro 2nd one)…

    Even in HK Hell, every cloud has a silver lining!
    …wait, no, I think that was a sulfur cloud…

  25. charrlie says:

    I want one! it’s just so cute. How can you not like something with Hello Kitty on it?

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  27. b says:

    i like the first one

  28. nik says:

    does anyone know if the hello kitty pda works in USA if unlocked?

  29. chandler says:

    can you buy this scooter somewhere?? cause i love hellokitty!

  30. Fellistus says:


  31. Taby says:

    As a hello kitty fan and a scooter rider. I have to say tempting but even a bit too much pink for me. but maybe I’ll mod my zuma all batz maru. because thats a bad ass penguin.

  32. Kat says:

    This kind of sounds like “If You Give a Moose a Muffin”…

    I’m so sorry…

  33. cherbear says:

    totally the best. would ride one. where can i get one.

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