Hello Kitty Motorcycle Honda NSR

It’s when I receive emails like this, it’s going to be a bad day in Hello Kitty Hell (then again, can there ever really be a “good” day when your life is surrounded by the evil feline?) because I know the reaction of my wife will be the complete opposite of mine. Unwritten rules in Hello Kitty Hell state that the Hello Kitty fanatic will love a Hello Kitty item in direct inverse of how much the husband despises it. So I already knew what her reaction was going to be the second I saw this Hello Kitty Honda NSR motorcycle:

Hello Kitty motorcycle

Hello Kitty Honda motorcycle

Hello Kitty Honda NSR motorcycle

First, why would someone ever do that to a nice piece of machinery? I guess that’s a question that you can really ask about anything that has been Hello Kittified, but a motorcycle? The main problem with this is that I’ve been thinking about getting a motorcycle, with the number one attribute being that there aren’t Hello Kitty motorcycles, so the last thing I needed to show up in my email box was a Pepto-Bismol tinted, blinged out Hello Kitty motorcycle model to give my wife the idea that this would be a good thing to get.

Of course, my wife adores it. She’s been full out against the motorcycle idea as she stumped for the Hello Kitty scooter as being a better choice, but did a 100% about face upon seeing this. “Oh, if you get that motorcycle, I don’t have a problem…”

Somehow, a 6 foot 3 inch foreigner riding around in Japan on this with a Hello Kitty helmet seems like a good excuse for the police to shoot me as a suspected terrorist (I mean, seriously, wouldn’t you expect a terrorist to be using things like this on his final mission to really bring fear into the Japanese people?). All I know is my dream of having transportation free of Hello Kitty is quickly fading away and another reminder that Hello Kitty Hell can always get worse…

Sent in by Lexmj who noted, “I saw this horrendous motorcycle while visiting this particular motorshop for repairs…I really felt that it scares the spirit of riding outta this bike. I hope it won’t cause nightmares to you as it did to me, really dampens my passion for riding whenever I thought of it” which, of course, is exactly what he accomplished by sending this too me and therefore should have to ride that thing everyday for the rest of his life as punishment…

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48 Responses to Hello Kitty Motorcycle Honda NSR

  1. Kitteh!! says:

    You see a 6’3″ tall gaijin riding a ‘bike like this, you know he’s not afraid of anything!!

  2. yet another anonymous says:

    I think it depends upon the gender of the rider. It may not be so bad if a young tick is riding on this little one. On the other hand, it would be an eye-sore if a 6’3″ tall gaijin is riding …

  3. Julie says:


    First of all: I really like your blog. And I am a Hello Kitty Fan (Fan not Fanatic!). The way you write about your live with a hello kitty fanatic brings so much fun into my live. I enjoy reading all of your stuff.

  4. Jessbyte says:

    When I only saw one photo, I was comforted in the thought that it just ‘had’ to be a photoshop job. No one could be capable of turning such a sexy bike into a ‘cute’, powder pink … thing. But I don’t think that I can convince myself that someone did all those photos …

    … and before I read this, I really wanted a bike … -_-

  5. Eize says:

    You’d be a hit in the gay pride parade, though…. LOL

  6. emma-chan says:

    In response to Eize’s comment….on closer inspection, I believe that the circle with the arrow coming off it is the symbol for males ??(clearest in the 1st pic on the left) isn’t it?? A pink HK branded bike with the male symbol on it – maybe it is already a hit in the gay pride parade….

  7. Eize says:

    emma-chan: I actually didn’t notice that detail when I posted my comment. :) Would have loved to see the biker outfit that goes with this bike, though. Bet the helmet has that HK hairbow on the wrong side, identifying it as the other cat in the HK universe. XD

  8. Kitteh!! says:

    You can buy matching coloured leathers and helmet in the UK!!!

  9. Flying Potato says:

    Poor motorcycle. I bet it looked cool before being Hello Kittyfied.

  10. darlene says:

    Just because you don’t have enough confidence in your own masculinity to ride this shows that you’re way too biased in everything you write. Why is it that you refuse to support your wife on these things? A real man would ride this proudly without caring what others think.

    And you have to right to link Hello Kitty with terrorism. That is taking things way too far. What is wrong with you that you have to write stuff like this again and again?

    I love it and I know most people here do too, so ease off on the commentary and let us enjoy.

  11. moriyah says:


    what a mean thing to do to a bike. All the chopper shops are most likely looking on that in horror-if they have seen this picture.

    I think all HK fans should go enjoy someplace else. I want to be able to comment about the utter atrocity that is HK fanaticism without the fanatics going bonkers about it.


  12. zainab says:

    I don’t know man…I mean…overly-hello-kitty-fying..everything is just…
    If it would have been me I’d have done it in all black with a small hello-kitty face on the back or summat. u_u gomen. I’ll stop.
    but yeah…if I saw a man riding this down the street…I’d…
    chuck something at him! teehee.
    ever heard of Afro-Ken?

  13. equinox says:

    That is sooo cool.

  14. Jesse says:

    LMAO! I really wonder if Darlene is really a joke sometimes, because I laugh at EVERY one of his comments. Maybe he’s the actual owner of this blog, trying to create a point about how insanely obsessed hello kitty fanatics are.

  15. siimuk says:

    That is WAAAAAAAY cooler than a scooter!

  16. jennster says:

    lol jesse i made that same point several entries ago, but he swears it isn’t him or the wife.
    i assume dar is a 15 y/o nerd with no life. but that is just me.

  17. k says:

    Thai is sooo friggin cutie! If I were to get a motorcycle I’d get an hk one. I’m also going to deck out my future car in hk.

  18. Absinth says:

    The bike is horrible… I’ve seen Hellokitified objects before that look way better… good taste wasn’t present when that bike was made.

  19. Just Me says:

    I guess it says a whole lot that the arrow in the male symbol directs downward instead of upwards as it usually should do. I’m surprised the arrow isn’t cut off completely *evil grin*

    This thing looks like ripped out of Barbie’s Dream World and even for females I would consider it a pink overload >__>

  20. liz says:

    darlene’s like a broken record….she can’t think of anything new to say….hahahaha

  21. ROSSinDETROIT says:

    Sport bikes frequently get dropped, scuffed and sustain expensive cosmetic damage. It can be too expensive to restore them to original appearance, so owners opt for exotic paint to cover the bondo and dents. I’m betting there isn’t a pristine Honda under there, but a restored wreck. Around Detroit there’s a Ninja that’s been done up all over in bottle green padded crushed velvet, button tufted with gold trim. It’s a bit audacious, but you’d never lose it in a parking lot. Just look for the crowd of people and shoo them away.
    I’d ride that, but then I’m the guy who showed up at the Bauhaus concert in a white linen suit and Panama hat.

  22. bear_1 says:

    What a horrible thing to do to an otherwise cool bike! Seriously, there should be a law against that level of Hello Kittification…

  23. Jessbyte says:

    Hey there, in response to Darlene; I don’t think I’d want a guy who was man enough to ride that around … and I wouldn’t be sure that he’d want me either if he was ;) I do’t think I’d touch that with a barge pole *shudder* ^_^

  24. Henk says:

    lol show up with that at the local ‘Angel Place’ and see what happens :-)

  25. queenie says:

    kawaii ^.^ i want one!

  26. commonly unknown says:

    this is so freakin hott !!!! i ♥ it and need one !! absolutly amazing

  27. Curious says:

    It seems to be from Singapore and not Japan…… I recognise those safety barriers and the double yellow lines in the background. But still….. a big disappointment in the owner in destroying a nice bike by doing it up with poor colors and designs ( not that I am good but everything in the photo on the bike seems wrong…color, design and best……using a small cc sport bike to do up a cartoon design.. )

  28. Chevalier Blanc says:

    I hate hello kitty. It’s so girly. But I love NSR, I have one. At least we have something in common. Good.

  29. charrlie says:

    I love Hello Kitty. So I love the bike. I want one. And hey who don’t dig chicks on bike. I would love to take it to bike week I think everyone would think it’s as cute as I do. Plus it isn’t everyday you see a Hello Kitty motorcycle Hoda NSR.

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  31. PandaLover says:


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  33. Akane Tendo says:

    I am a motobike rider and intend to “Hello Kittify” my new bike once I get it but this one kind of looks tacky. The colour isn’t that great and the decals and HK heads looked thrown on…sorry I can’t really get too excited about this one.

  34. Stephanie Vu says:

    NOOOOO. SOMEONE BEAT ME TO IT. i wanted a hello kitty bike. for a kawasaki ninja 250. cause i’m little and short. and i like hello kitty. maybe instead of pink i’ll get white. it’ll be more pressure to not drop the bike =)

  35. Chris says:

    That is just ridiculous… what a waste…

  36. Honda says:

    my sister used to have a honda trail 70 that she painted pink like that.

  37. Rei says:

    I’m going to go and gouge my eyes out right now….

    I love motorbikes and this has literally broke my motorbike dreams in a millions pieces

  38. shannne aKa DuCe...... says:

    I see this hello kitty bike and I Laff (Laugh) cause I have a hello kitty bike and it makes this pink one on here look like a kindergarden built it! If u want to see a real hello kitty bike u send me a message n I’ll show you what a real bike looks like!

  39. Rain says:

    I had a dreamed last night I was on a freeway riding a Hello Kitty motorcycle and being followed by three policemen on motorcycles. My bike was more like a Harley though, lightier pink & all of the handlebars, mirrors, feet rest, exhaust, etc. was accented by pastel colored jewels… I have no idea why I had this dream I own nothing with Hello Kitty on it nor have I ever desired anything with Hello Kitty on it!!! I also have never had a motorcycle! Anyway, I got away from the police & was last riding my Hello Kitty bike home concerned about the impending darkness that evening was bringing in my dream. Imagine how relieved I was to find that all the Hello Kitty designs on my bike glowed in the dark for safety! Then I woke up feeling disturbed and searched Hello Kitty motorcycle online & found this blog posting LOL LOL

  40. Yes that is very cute but how about safety. I would just buy it and put it on display because it looks so nice.. very cute indeed..

  41. ashley says:

    I would totally buy that bike!! It’s amazing :)

  42. Stuart the Pilot says:

    I love it hell,, ya ,, i dont care ,, i would ride it, dam cute,, and you know you are real man if you got hello kitty..

  43. tina says:

    that bike is awesome its just what i need!!!

  44. Taby says:

    if only it wasn’t a crotch rocket and well all pink. I’m an old school red hk fan.

  45. HELLOKITTYRULEZ!!! says:

    You can give it to me if you don’t want it :3

  46. destiny says:

    I luv these pics of HELLO KITTY!!! they r AWESOME!!!

  47. januel says:

    what type of your sticker in your motor

  48. The Shiffy says:

    It’s a pink Honda CBR. I have Hello Kitty on my red SV 650.

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