Hello Kitty Converse High Tops

Since I was in high school, I’ve always enjoyed wearing Converse high tops. They were sort of my fashion statement while all the other students around me went for Nike or whatever other fashionable shoe was in at that moment. Of course, during that time they only had 2 colors – black and white. It wasn’t until I went to college that they started printing them in a variety of different colors and patterns. In fact, I still have a pair of both black and white Converse high tops.

There is nothing worse than when a product that you have loved for years sells out. I tolerated the different colors and even the different patterns until my wife came home with these:

Hello Kitty Converse high top basketball shoes

Hello Kitty Converse high tops

That’s right. They actually make Hello Kitty Converse shoes these days. What’s worse, every time I decide to wear my Converse high tops, my wife wants to wear her “matching pair” – something tells me I will never be wearing them again.

You know that Hello Kitty Hell has moved to an entirely new level when even the shoe style you grew up with has come out in a Hello Kitty model. I think I’ll go cry myself to sleep…

355 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Converse High Tops

  1. Just saying when everyone is wearing ur precious black an white converse they arent unique anymore!! they have to make new style so poeple can keep the brand an still have some uniquness and i agree older adults shouldnt be wearing hello kitty but teens and younger college age people theres a market and an area of hello kitty designed for them so why not?

  2. Hey,
    hahaha! I am laughing because the same was happened with me. My girlfriend gifted me “pink” hello kitty shoes on my birthday and requested me to wear them for night party. That night was one of my worst nightmares. Every friend of mine laughed on me but who cares? I saw really deep love in my gals eyes and that’s sufficient for me!

    Though I never wore them again and specially she also never forced me after that night but I kept them in my shelf as one of best gifts from my gal! I love her and I hate pink hello kitty! 😛


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