Hello Kitty Bathroom

Many of the readers have been questioning whether I am making all of this up and have asked to see photos of our house. I would, but wouldn’t want to give you a heart attack. Therefore I will give you a glimpse of the hello Kitty Hell I live in by showing you a few photos of our bathroom.

Keep in mind that we live in Japan and the toilet is the only thing in this small room. Usually the walls would be wallpapered and that is it – very basic. Instead, because all of the other rooms are overflowing, we had to make shelves along one side of the bathroom and in the back above the toilet. These are all filled with Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty bathroom
behind and above the toilet

Hello Kitty bathroom
along the side wall

As you can see, there are multiples of everything and so many that many of them can’t even be displayed facing forward. This, my friends, is how all the rooms look if not piled with more Hello Kitty stuff.

I’m very tempted to just start taking pieces away one at a time, but if it is one thing I’ve learned about Hello Kitty fanatics, even if they have nine of an identical Hello Kitty items stored in a far corner of a room in a box on the bottom that hasn’t seen the light of day for 3 years, when they open it and see there are only 8 of the Hello Kitty, you receive the Hello Kitty Death Stare (which means a minimum of a week on the couch with the Hello Kitty sleeping bag).

I may show more as time progresses, but this should give you a start in imagining how bad things are and that I’m not exaggerating…

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  1. Damn. I can be in a Sanrio store for a few minutes — maybe half an hour if I’m having a particularly odd week — but despite the fact that I own a teeny bit of HK stuff and have some fond memories of the products … whoa. I do not think I could handle living in that.

    I’m glad that your money-making idea is actually generating money for you both and that your wife is doing something she’s good at and enjoys, but holy crap. Actually _living_ in a Sanrio warehouse?!? gak.

    Once I wondered how much fun it would be to work at Sanrio USA, and I realize that even that would be heaven compared to your life … because at least I could escape at the end of the day if it became too much. You poor man.

    urg. My eyes.

  2. holy mother of god that is the freakiest bathroom i’ve ever seen. i feel so sorry for you! when you go to the loo, do you close your eyes and imagine you’re in a NORMAL bathroom? i’ve never even thought of wishing for regular walls, but after seeing this, i’m thankful that my bathroom is normal.

    if your house is all like that, i’m really in awe that you’re not yet in the hello kitty mental hospital.

  3. I love all your hello kitty. I used to live alone and have an apt that wasn’t quite all the way done in HK. However, I just got married and my husband has agreed to let me to our bathroom in hello kitty. I was wondering where to get things like, shower curtains, rugs and a good variety of them to choose from. Thanks, your friend, Tara

  4. wow i didn’t know you lived in japan are you japanese haha i have an obsession with hello kitty i have a hello kitty bathroom but not this much i want to jk jk

  5. Well, that is insane!! I mean, i consider myself a fanatic but that is plain overload. With that amount of kitty no wonder you are that pissed off.

    Seriously, as a fanatic family (my daughter, wife and me. Yes, me. Get used to it.) can buy many HK stuff but only one of it. Two, some of the times. Three when we all like that thing. Nothing more.

    And it is funny to watch opinions on HK products from a hater’s view. You have a great site that not only gives us news about HK stuff but also a satirical comment attached to it. Haters gonna hate, and the most IQ’d fans laugh instead of whining because sometimes we know it’s true…

    But I agree with you sometimes when you say some things shouldn’t exist, like the weapons and toilet seats. I mean c’mon, keep HK dignified.

    Best wishes and keep up this blog.
    From James, Lisa and little Carol

  6. Wow, that is awesome , but strange. I would feel weird to go potty in there.
    My Walter just kissed me and hugged me because I am not that bad, and I mainly like necklaces.

  7. You know, I love HK stuff. But that totally looks like an episode of Hoarders!
    That photo makes me feel clausterphobic just to look at it. You must love your wife VERY much to live in a house like that. I honestly don’t know if I could do it without snapping one day and just taking it all down to a childrens shelter and donating it. I mean really.
    and I’m a Hello Kitty Fan! My car is HK themed, and I have HK plushies [but I limited myself to TWO of them and that is IT], and a HK wallet, Nintendo DS, and camera case.
    But that amount of ANY theme is just way way too much.

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