Hello Kitty Motorcycle Racing Leathers

You knew that it would eventually happen. If a Hello Kitty motorcycle exists, it was only a matter of time for the Hello Kitty motorcycle racing leathers to appear:

Hello Kitty motorcycle racing leathers

It isn’t much of a surprise that the classic style of Hello Kitty flipping you off sucking her thumb is used since that is basically how anyone who would have to wear this monstrosity must feel. Of course, my wife thinks it’s “adorable” which is never a good sign and usually means I will end up with it as a gift sometime in the future. One more thing to look forward to in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by dp who should really have to wear this all the time as punishment for thinking even for a split second that sending me a photo of it could produce anything positive…

68 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Motorcycle Racing Leathers

  1. @Dave, don’t worry what they say :)
    Any guy who can take a joke in stride is great guy…
    This will be bookmarked so I can admire your ‘leathers’ 😉
    You’ve got some really nice itmes on your site… too bad I don’t ride (motorcycles) anymore…

  2. I’d totally rock those leathers! Those are awsome!

    Don’t listen to the haters, they just jealous because they don’t look half as cool as you do in those leathers man.

  3. That’s a really good photoshop!

    It got me fooled! I seriously thought it was real!

    But LOLZ!! That is funny and freaky at the same time. Thank god it doesn’t exists (yet… *shudders*)

  4. Am sitting in my office… It’s cold & dark & I cant wait to get home & I thought I’d cheer myself up a bit by going onto this page… It has worked ONCE again!!!! Am laughing so hard & just about ready to pee my pants!!!! That salmon pink racer outfit is NASTY!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOOL!!!! Dave- you are delicious!! I cant believe you actually make the outfit look good but dont EVER go out in the streets wearing that…. you’ll be chewed up & spat out by any Harley rider you encounter….. Its just too funny…. This is just spinning out of control now….

  5. Darlene has got to be fake. It’s immposible for someone to be so pissed off at the slight critisism of a fake little cartoon character that is actually just promoting her, other than insulting her. Did I mention – FAKE CHARACTER?!?! I too am a Kitty fanatic, and I love this blog! No offence whatsoever. All other Kitty fans must feel the same way or else we wouldn’t be here utterly enjoying this. Yes Darlene is just an instigator… Perhaps being paid? Hmm…

  6. ok i would like to think his girlfriend/wife said fine buy a bike but u have to wear this…..and to darlene i just wanna say i’ll wear pink whoe cares im a guy and i’ll wear a pink shirt pink converse and what ever…..but this ..this here is just to far this guy is trying way to hard to prove hes a “real man”….

  7. how much did they have to pay this guy to look that gay i mean come on sorry if its someone on here or reading this but that is sad

  8. This one fooled me for a minute, but it’s another ‘shop for sure. Just look at the legs. At least this person had a basic enough understanding of Photoshop to be able to do a sorta convincing color replacement, though. But geez! Don’t any of these people know what feathering is?

  9. look at the guy’s face! he’s trying soooo hard not to just cry out of humiliation because they didn’t pay him enough to keep his face in the shot. and i agree with maria, this suit actually is more dangerous than not wearing anything because at least then you won’t get your ass pumped with buckshot or lead by people trying to put you out of your misery for wearing that abomination…

  10. actually read the post and not only wasted 3 minutes of my life while this guy is getting his 30 minutes of time. The site has some lame product to boot.

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