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I’ve grown used to getting email from Hello Kitty fans that take issue with my disgust of Hello Kitty to the point that they even wish death upon me, but this email was a change of pace. It is the first time I have received an email telling me that I don’t appreciate the “sexiness” and “hotness” of Hello Kitty:

in your hello kitty daze of hate, you fail to realize that hello kitty is the sexiest thing ever. there is nothing hotter than a girl dressed in only a hello kitty t-shirt and panties. Check these out!! hello kitty in all her sexiness. there is no way that you can say you hate hello kitty after seeing these!!

Here are the photos attached with the email:

Hello Kitty sexy

Hello Kitty sexy fashion

Hello Kitty sexy emo

Hello Kitty in bed

Hello Kitty necklace

Despite the urgings of the email, I still found myself in the bathroom relieving myself of caloric intake from the afternoon meal. There is something very wrong when Hello Kitty and sex appeal mix that should be obvious, but apparently some people don’t see. Furthermore, if it is Hello Kitty that is turning you on and not the woman herself, then you have created your own Hello Kitty Hell.

But in all fairness, I will let the readers judge since I do live in Hello Kitty Hell which does tend to warp perceptions when everything comes to you in shades of pink. Do these photos, because of the Hello Kitty theme, mean that Hello Kitty doesn’t have to be Hell or is this simply another attempt by the evil feline to brainwash every last soul into thinking that there can be times when Hello Kitty “isn’t all that bad?”

Sent in by greg who deserves to spend his life with a Hello Kitty fanatic for thinking that sending me these photos would be a good idea or that they would somehow relieve me from Hello Kitty Hell…

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  1. whoa where does it say in these pics that having sex with children is fun and okay?
    anyone who thinks that is prolly a pedo themselves cause i dont see that when i look at these pic i see some girls tryin to have fun..

  2. number 3 and 5 aren’t THAT bad, they are actually pretty common pictures. I like number 5 actually, shes completely covered, and isn’t doing anything bad really. Number 3 could have some more clothes on though.

  3. I’d say that there ARE times when HK isn’t so bad. I think the last gal is cute and she hasn’t overdone the HK theme. As for Apnea, ppfftt! She’s a fetish/alt. model (and a bad one, at that) here in my hometown and former Suicide Girl who, quel surpise, was fired from SG when she started screwing one of the photogs. Coincidentally, she had JUST turned 17 and he was in his mid-30’s! So yeah, HK stuff can spawn some really really bad Lolita fantasies. I must say that for me, a 30+ adult, HK is nostalgia. I grew up with her and see nothing wrong with the occasional t shirt or key chain. But the day I come strutting into the bedroom in HK lingerie, my husband will probably fall out of the bed laughing!

  4. #1: Hello Kitty Stripper on Ecstacy
    #2: Hello Kitty Stripper (Hence the plastic Heels)
    #3: Hello Kitty Meth Head with Bad Hair Extensions
    #4: That’s just wrong. Shes’s 12.
    #5: not so bad.

  5. hiya i hate to tell you but i think number 1 looks stupid and ugly number three and number 5 are ok and i love hell kitty to sum degree but im not obesesed with it… yet i agree that some stuff maybe wrong but its not the hello kittys fault, its people who make it what it is blame the people. xoxo

  6. #1. The problem with her isn’t the HK (although it’s atrocious) as much as the hair. Her body’s great, so maybe she should start wearing big girl clothes.
    #2. That chick just looks sketchy, and the piles of HK toys look like they’re just there to hold her up.
    #3. Ick. Ugly girl + HK = nightmares.
    #4. Pedophile much?
    #5. FINALLY! A cute girl who likes HK, BUT is subtle and not totally overbearing about it. hell, if i saw her real life, i might not even notice the necklace. why can’t all HK fans be like her?

  7. The first girl made or had somebody make her outfit (by the ways its hideous!) Sanrio would never make anything that ugly! Most of these girls are just wrong in the head, except the last one, her necklace is cute. I have a Hello Kitty necklace thats 10 times better than that one, its customed made with real diamonds!

  8. i took the 4th photo,,
    and the girl on it is totally 18, actually she’s about to turn 19….
    not my fault mexican girls don’t look as old as you north amercian people do.
    ..so, stop thinking she’s 12.

  9. Why is every one bashing on the first girl so bad, she’s a raver that’s her style. Not that I really enjoy seeing half naked people, at least she isn’t a porn star like #2 trying to attract pedophiles. o.O

    I like hello kitty, but alot of the stuff on this site is… disturbing.
    If I ever turn into someone like the people who send this stuff in, someone please kill me. -_-

  10. I agree with um wow. I love Hello Kitty but this stuff is just sick. The people who send this stuff in must not have much of a life but to find some poor little cartoon chacter to pick on. Who would even think of half the stuff these people do to Hello Kitty.

  11. okkie dookie…even though its not all that serious since eveyone has their opinion heres mine…if these girl like hello kitty and want to show it off then so be it…what they put on they put on their bodies n what they do shouldnt be any of your concerns unless they are your daughters….also i give these girls props because most girls dont have the confidence to put on these oufits…so my advice to u is to stop hatin…n get life…still hatin?

  12. Awful on so many levels.

    Girls like the first one give ravers a bad name and the reason ecstasy and pacifiers go together is because it prevents them from grinding their teeth, some side effect of ecstasy. Though I’ve been told that lollipops and gum will also suffice.

  13. I know I’m a girl, and a straight one to boot, but I fail to see the sexiness of 13 year old girls/women that look like they’re 13 years old.

  14. “there is nothing hotter than a girl dressed in only a hello kitty t-shirt and panties”

    I think most people attracted to girls would agree that the statement would still be equally (or perhaps more) true even if you took out “hello kitty”.

  15. The third and last picture are fine. (Except the girl in the third needs some pants) But the others sicken me.Why do some pleople think taking off your clothes and then covering yourself in hello kitty is smexxii? I love HK, but this is wrong.

  16. I don’t know much about this Hello Kitty stuff, but these chicks are HOT!

    All these girls are commenting it’s pedophilia? I don’t think so… jealousy I *do* think so!

    Well I’ve got a message for ya: If you looked that hot your fat nasty ass would be on a photo shoot wearing Hello Kitty stuff too.

  17. i def. love hello kitty, almost to an obsessive point, but this junk is straight up nasty. the one girl on the blue sheet looks 14 and the rest, well, id be afraid to touch them out of fear from contracting an std (maybe not the second girl considering that looks like a somewhat legit photo shoot). these girls/hello kitty fashion tragedies def. give hello kitty and hello kitty fans a bad, BAD name.

  18. Right when the term “daddy” seems innapropriate, this definately takes the cake right into Pedephi-land. Yes these are cute LITTLE girls. But when sex meets pre-teen….check ID’s fella’s.

  19. I am not anorexic and not a hello kitty fanatic. I like hello kitty but not the extreme. I also do not have “bad hair extentions”. Im also not trying to recapture my youth or attract pedophiles. People are always going to dislike or see something wrong with someone else. So you can say what you want to say-but I just wish you’d have more respect to the other girls on here.

  20. Actually your picture was cute and tasteful and so was the last one…I think you are adorable #3. But the first girl is obviously using her body for attention (not that I haven’t nor am I knocking it) Number 2, the same. Number 3, Yes…I think so. Yes these are to play off the “innocence” fantasy of men…but like I said..not knocking….just pointing out and making an observation. Don’t let peoples opinions bother or offend you….people are entitled.

  21. that sort of thing makes me not want to have children…if i have a little girl who maybe would like a cute hello kitty t-shirt…normally, that wold be fine. but if that woman in the first photo then shows up, i couldn’t help but think ‘what type of mother am i?’ hello kitty needs to find an audience, little children and just make toys or pornstars and manufacter clothes like that.

  22. Ok I love hello kitty a lot but I am only 12 too… and I would never pose naked with hello kitty all over my body! That’s very stupid of her, especially with all the people who could look at her like this at 12! Unbelievable! That is very nasty… I am smart enough not to do something or anything like that… and I do pay attention in health I am also a straight A student… someone write back if they agree with me on number 4!!!!!!!!!

  23. that second girl, the model they call “apnea” she kind of freaks me out- it’s like looking at something that isn;t quite human or is very deformed :S she has a very unnatural quailty about her…disturbing. When I first saw the fourth picture I thought the person was a little boy, then I realised it was a girl, and the laying on the bed with a stuffed animal topless is weirdly provocative. I have to wonder if hello kitty would have any interests in promoting child sex slavery. I understand that in asia it’s much more common and very lucritive. I also get the impression that inasian culture sexual acts like pedophilia and espacially homosexuality are a more socially accpetable then in america.

  24. The first one SCARES me. She’s got a dummy. O_O … the third and fifth ones are kinda cute though… if the second one didn’t have HK between her legs and had a black and red corset I might have been all over her.

  25. this comment is for all the dumb ppl that commented on the pacifier/soother in the first pic.. shes not using it for sex appeal .. its because shes at a rave and when ur on extasy it feels good to clench your teeth on something. ingorant/dumb ppl really get on my nerves.. ~smk break~

  26. for ME: I guess real smart people don’t tend to go out of the door in a blanket with holes on it to start with. Let alone going to RAVE and use ecstasy cause that kinna harm your brain…..

    But I think you are right about us being ignorant…because I only read about the effect of ecstasy on people in research paper but not see them solidify itself in real life!!

    To People out there doing drug: this is what would happen to you, sucking on HK pacifier if you keep doing this…Think twice….

  27. #3 is Deanna from MySpace, she’s a nice girl, but maaaaaan is that an OLD photo of hers, back when the “scene” kid thing was still relatively new. It’s crazy how fast that photo spread around on the internet.

    And none of these are women- they are all just young GIRLS on the internet who want attention and validation from strangers via picture comments on popular social networking sites. Blech.

  28. ā€œiā€™m a whore! Trying to recapture my virginity and childhood.ā€ <—LMAO like the porn star tera patrick. or mariah carey

  29. she’s not sucking on a pacifier to be sexy she is obviously at a rave on ex and that makes people want to chew things so they use pacifiers

  30. THE frist one eww but the others r really good and the third one girl you are so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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