Hello Kitty Brand Scar

It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that I don’t get the popularity of the whole Hello Kitty tattoo thing. You would think that once someone sobered up after getting a Hello Kitty tattoo, they would pretty much have it out of their system (as the beat themselves over the head for being so stupid), but I guess I just don’t get Hello Kitty fanatics (wow, big surprise there). It appears that a Hello Kitty forehead tattoo wasn’t enough for this guy (then again, a Hello Kitty tattoo inked squarely in the middle of your forehead pretty much already signifies that you take the evil feline a bit too seriously), so why not add a Hello Kitty brand scar as well:

Hello Kitty brand scar

I think I can just leave this one to speak for itself and no further commentary is needed on my part. What I can say is that finding this in my email box is definitely not the way that I want to begin a new week, a new month or to mark having spent 2 years recording my Hello Kitty Hell because it simply confirms that things can continue to get worse in the years ahead…

Sent in by Danielle (via myspace) who should have to get one of these herself (even several) for ever thinking that it could be a smart idea to send me a photo like this…

97 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Brand Scar

  1. @Jason

    I dress up.
    Yes. I do.
    I have a tattoo based on one of the games I play.
    I have 2 SW outfits and making a 3rd one.
    I have photos with an ex president of my country dressed as a jedi (shaak ti XD)…

    but im still a well balanced person. I dont play any videogames because i suck at them and i like using my imagination for it.

    What hobbies should i have then?
    watch football? Play games on my computer like a zombie?

    Its just what i like to do. I am not a serial killer, I have friends, go out, have a nice life and soon im going to be a Veterinarian. And gaming and dressing up is what i do on the weekends.

    but well… this blog isnt about me or the prejudice some ppl have towards ppl like me.

    Maybe ill get a brand scar of a lightsaber on my forehead now…

  2. @Lucy
    Glad you are a fine upstanding citizen with the possibility of a good job in the future.
    Many people find it odd that one would dress up as character from the games they play or get a Hello Kitty tattoo in the middle of their forehead.
    You say “Play games on my computer like a zombie”. Sounds like you are dissing the computer gamers. People in glass houses should not throw stones…..

  3. @Binks

    yeah sorry.
    is that when i try to debate i get a little bit out of my league.
    Im bad arguing like that… and worst by blog.

    lets get back to talking about the guy and his HKtribal markings… maybe he is funding a cult?

  4. @Binks

    In my day we science nerds just played it. XD

    Stoners well, they got stoned and did other forms of recreational drugs as well as heavy metal music. They never bothered with D&D–too much math and stuff for them.

    As for the goat thing, it was irony, because of the dorks that thought that D&D would lead to Satanism.

  5. @Lucy

    I’m sorry I seemed to get your panties in such a bundle. Lol a RP fanatic, a star wars fanatic, and a cosplayer (or whatever you call dressing up for RP stuff).
    What, do you LARP too? And are you one of the pro-HK people here? You seem crazy enough…

  6. All of a sudden there are more comments about posters and not the posts themselves. I miss the regular rhetoric… all this added dialogue is just… blah.

  7. @Jason

    I dont larp because i dont have enough time and we dont have such activities here though.

    i dont really cosplay ….. and what do you mean by proHK ppl?

    and im crazy, but not because i dress up XD

  8. @moriyah

    I would say that this guy has been commented enough on. 😉 I mean, it’s like, “Yay, you branded yourself!”


    I think we’re all a mite mad here. 😉

  9. @Jason

    LARP, YES! All i have to say is “Beauty and the Geek”. If anyone has any clue as to what i’m speaking of i’d love to high five you… The nerdum is thick in here today. I’d like to give myself a big pat on the back today for bringing up D&D and getting everyone sparked up in here. Who knew the underworld of dungeons and dragons (oohhh scary) was so controversial hahaha enjoy

  10. Yes back to the kitty and the fact we have 62 post and the name that shall not be spoke has not comment.

    I am a little lost for word concerning this Marlyn Manson wannabee. It nothing new take a cute character or symbol and use it (what is the word I am thinking of ) ironic and contradictory way. I would be disturbed if it was mickey mouse or a smurf he(?) branded himself with.

  11. darlene must be locked up in a windowless cage somewhere because she hasn’t commented lately………..

    Now that scar is disgusting……….Now I’ve lost my appetite for the rest of the week!!!!!!

  12. Binks, just what was “your day”? My first RPGs were red box D&D and black box Traveller (around Jnr and Snr years High School, and freshman college).

    Lucy, do you go to SF or gaming conventions? With your hobbies I think you probably should if you don’t.

  13. yay, OT RP discussion =)

    I’m 31 yo, my gaming group consists of people in their late twenties, early thirties. Our professions are:

    Intern on the neurological ward of the local teaching hospital
    Ph.D student in organic chemistry
    Manager of a large hardball guns and LARP supply store at the local mall
    Computer systems admin.
    Social worker
    Store clerk at a foruiture store
    and I myself also work in retail as sales manager in the butcher dept. of a local supermarket.

    Some of the others are big time LARPers as well, and the doctor (and larp supply store magager of course) especially spends a lot of time makeing ornate leather armour and chainmail.

    Playing is always done at one of the two local RP societies in one of the gaming rooms in the building in which we rent three floors.

    Just as with computer games there are quite a few adult RP gamers now adays. Unlike computer games, RP never reached as great a saturation because it requires more effort of the individual. The end result is that while gaming on computers and consoles have become acceptable for adults because the saturation was so great that it is commonplace for adults to play, it is not the same for RPGs.

    Not that I suspect this will change anyones opinion of RPGs or adult gamers – minorities will forever be poked fun at, thus is the human condition.


    I also want to hear darlenes brilliant insights to this =)

  14. Well, you guys have been having quite the discussion :)
    I have not ever played any of the aforementioned games… I was a HUGE Quake/Doom,Heratic player back in the day when it was popular…
    And I’m normal fot the most part :)

    @Jason: I tend to take offence to the ‘crazy’ part… I own HK stuff, but see the mass marketing by Sanrio as BAD.
    I think they will wind up marketing themselves into the ground…
    I think a healthy appreciation is OK, right?

  15. I think the hand is just a “hemp” tattoo. They look scabby like that, then it peels and leaves a stain for a week or two.

  16. Everybody talks to me… i feel so popular. XD

    well… i dont know what SF are… and im not from the US or Australia … in my country we have like one or two “conventions” a year… but they are nothing compared to the US ones. They are made by university students with no money and nearly no support from anyone else but themselves so they are pretty small but fun anyways.

    For the SW part… im member of a fan club here and we do some shows and stuff for the cons, mostly showing off our outfits, renacting scenes frome the movie, some fanfiction and lightsaber duels…

    Here ppl dont sponsor geeky or nerdie activities… and anime otakus have taken most of the money, ppl and places to host gaming conventions of the sort.

    If you are wondering… im from Chile. (look wikipedia for it if you dont know where it is, i get tired of imparting geography classes)

  17. Hi Lucy. Your English is so good I sort of presumed you’d be from North America, Oceanea or Great Britain and Ireland. I sit corrected! 😉
    SF in this context is short for Science Fiction (and fantasy). It’s amazing what can be done with a fan base and fan budget if you have enough fans. Check here for what’s happened so far with my next convention and no sponsorship:- http://lx2009.com/
    And yes I know where Chile is; just across the Andes from Argentina (easiest way to describe in words)!

  18. Wow Lucy!
    The closest I’ve been to you is French Guiana…
    I really want to get down to Rio de Janeiro and see the Christ the Redeemer Statue… it’s one of the coolest thing I’ve seen to date…

  19. @Kitteh
    Thanks for the compliment… i went to a brittish system school and my grandpa is scottish….. I learned to read english before i could read spanish XDDD
    I think the problem here is that we dont have enough fans and we are still looked upon as dangerous freaks… even when there are soccer matchs every sunday and the fans destroy everything… but no… we the gamers are the psycho ones.
    And well… not everyone knows where we are, we are easilly mistaken to be a part of Argentina and such.

    are you saying that im darlene?

    Ive never been to Brazil either… ive been to venezuela, argentina and Mexico.

    im stopping talking about me now. I think that its a little bit attention seeking for my part so…. thats it.
    And im always saying to talk about the blog not the other issues we have! XDDDD im such a hipocrit.

    So… headless naked babies. Thats the new summer fashion.

  20. Um, yeah I think sporting fans are some of the weirdest people in the world, and I don’t mean just the people who are ‘fans’… I mena the die hard paint-your-body and name-you-child-‘Boomer’ or kick-you-butt-cuase-you-like-the-other-team kind of fans
    Fighting at games/matches/races, throwing things at players (baseball and NASCAR)…
    They are just plain CRAZY!!!!
    I’ve been to many a game/match/race where people are arrested for being nightmarishly insane.

    Gamers are just having fun, they don’t actually hurt anyone…

  21. I totally agree with you. It doesn’t stop me enjoying watching sports, but it does stop me going to see them live.

  22. No one else noticed the naked people in his hair?
    really now?
    and the gamer bashing.
    Wow, didn’t expect to see that here.

  23. It’s all real. No photoshop. I did the tattoo myself and the hand was done by a good friend of mine at another shop. The fellow with the work is a wrestler (yes, that kind of wrestler), musician and performance artist most often referred to as Jacurutu 3. I call him Garry. He’s a very nice, well mannered gent who, believe it or not, has never even tried drugs or alcohol. Maybe he should. Maybe you all should as well.

  24. Wow, I can’t beleive some of these comments. Especially from Sara. There is nothing wrong with D&D and the fact that Lucy admits it so freely is a good thing. She said that stuff about Vin to be like ” no one gives him crap about playing the game, so why do you?” and since he is someone most people have heard of, that is why he was mentioned. Not because of his coolness, which he does not have. I don’t play D&D but I have friends that do. I play video games and i’m a computer tech, so I get very upset when people start jugding people based on the hobbies they have.

  25. okay… I LOVE HELLO KITTY!
    but this and this site has opened my eyes to true hello kitty doom!
    what are you going to do when your a grandma???


    It’s clear that the mark of the beast would be shown in the forehead and un the right hand.


  27. i know this person. these tattoos are very real not to be perceived literally, but as an extension of his artistic persona. he is a very talented artist. respected, social, and unique. i guarantee he absolutely loathes your cock worship beloved vin diesel movies. you superficial ignorant rednecks are 99.9 percent of the reason that the rest of the world hates the united states. enjoy your fake plastic lives and enjoy hiding from the world that actually lives and breaths………….

  28. wow. I actually felt bile building up while looking at this. Then my hands started to feel tingly. This is a bad sign. while I love HK, this is going to the dark side. Pretty sure lovingkindness is not carving a HK brand into your skin. Just my op.

  29. Those arent naked people in his hair, they are called muscle men and were quite popular in the 80’s. I am one of the lucky ones to know Garry or Jacurutu 3 which ever you wantto refer to him by. He is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met. He is currently working with a recording label. Yes, his arm is blue, its a tattoo as well. He has lots of ink and lots of scarification, but thats his outlet. Coming from small town ohio where anything not bible based or nascar-related is a sin, I can accept Garry for who he is and he is one of my best friends. Maybe if you tried something new and met new people and didnt judge someone on their looks your life could be much happier.

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