Hello Kitty Tuxedo

It is amazing that week after week, when I somehow imagine that the worst of Hello Kitty has already found its way into our house and that things can not get worse (I know, I should know by now that it can always get worse, but all I have is hope…), it gets worse…much, much worse. There isn’t much that sends shivers down my spine these days, but this pretty much brings to the forefront the worst of my Hello Kitty Hell nightmares – a Hello Kitty tuxedo:

Hello Kitty tuxedo

Hello Kitty tux

Hello Kitty tux

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty bow in the front. Yes, the bow tie is a Hello Kitty bow. Yes, that is Hello Kitty’s face blended into the back of the jacket. Yes, I did run to the bathroom and relieve my stomach of its contents upon seeing this…

Since my wife wasn’t a Hello Kitty fanatic when we got married, the one thing that she feels she has been denied is a Hello Kitty wedding which pretty much wraps all my Hello Kitty fears together into one terrifying event.

My wife now has the Hello Kitty wedding at the forefront of her mind since seeing this and is insisting that this is what I must wear. I think it’s time to begin looking for that Hello Kitty seppuku set (you know one exists out there somewhere and if anyone deserves it, it most certainly is me) so I can put myself out of my misery in a much less painful way than having to actually endure something like this.

Sent in (via think silly) by 15 different readers (many who seemed to derive way too much joy out of the prediction that I might one day have to wear something like this — you all really have way too much time on your hands) who should all have to join me in the Hello Kitty seppuku ritual for ensuring I will have to listen about Hello Kitty weddings for the next month and thinking that anything positive could ever come from sending something like this to me…

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62 Responses to Hello Kitty Tuxedo

  1. Clarie says:

    That tux should be a sin. Btw, why is it every blog I read, feminist,Darlene is there entertaining us with her sexist comments and creepy idealism of HK?

  2. Clarie says:

    One last thing, if you do hafta wear it….We wanna see pictures. It’d make my life complete. XD

  3. Sanrio_Girl says:

    I like hello kitty and sanrio and all, but sanrio for men is just going way too far…

  4. eddy says:

    hmmm is this really for sale? Can you please tell me where this is sold? :D PLEASE

  5. Nina says:

    LMAO, I’d pay to see anyone actually wear that thing! xD

  6. Nicole says:

    Hehe, are you man enough to wear this?(:
    It’s not that bad!:B

  7. M says:

    Darlene is so sexist. His exaggerations are funny. Hello Kitty is a toy and no one really cares that he makes fun of it. Except for Darlene.

  8. Jasmine says:

    wow how many husbands would were this

  9. Lilly says:


  10. eddy says:

    if i found this tux somewhere, then id deffinately go to prom. but other than that im not going ha

  11. Cough says:

    Your problem is, if they actually made a seppuku set, it’ll be plastic. Plastic doesn’t cut well so, just like a spoon, it’ll hurt more. I’d just go for a real blade so you don’t have to go through so much pain. Although I’m sure your wife will happily take pictures before she realizes what you’re doing….

  12. Elisha Palomo says:

    I need to know where I could find these tuxedo, does anybody know a place that would have these in stocks?

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