Hello Kitty Marriage Certificate

It’s emails like these that ensure that the entire week is going to be hellish. I do my best never to bring up the subject of Hello Kitty weddings because my wife and I got married before her Hello Kitty obsession blossomed (yes, there are some miracles even in Hello Kitty Hell), and the fact that we didn’t have a Hello Kitty wedding doesn’t sit well. If any mention of weddings are made, the subject that we should retake our vows (this time decked out in Hello Kitty Hell wedding fashion) is the topic she wants to talk about for the next month. So you can imagine how disturbing it was to receive the knowledge that it’s possible to get a Hello Kitty marriage certificate:

Hello Kitty marriage certificate

It gets even work when you realize where the wedding took place and the outfits worn:

Hello Kitty wedding

And just to make my life completely miserable, a video of the entire event was included (view at your own risk – you have been warned…)

When it comes to looking into the depths of Hello Kitty Hell, the Hello Kitty wedding is right down there at the source of the flame. Of all the the painful moments I’ve endured in Hello Kitty Hell, I can still imagine that a Hello Kitty wedding would be more painful which is a very scary thought. Of course, my wife thinks it would be a wonderful idea if we renewed our vows in a Hello Kitty ceremony and will be reminding me of this fact for the foreseeable future ensuring that Hello Kitty Hell remains much too hot even in the middle of winter…

Sent in by Achim (via his site Hello Kitty Museum). While I should propose some unthinkable cruel curse upon him for even thinking that it would be a good idea to send me these photos, it frightens me to think that there might not be anything worse than what he has already gone through…

61 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Marriage Certificate

  1. As much as I’d hate to…I agree with jordee. She was happy. Her hubby seemed a little uncomfortable but he still smiled for her.

    So I applaud them. Still, a HK wedding…freaky…

  2. Uhm. One question Jordiee. You say it is HER day. isn’t it THEIR day? I’m pretty sure the last thing I want my husband to feel on our wedding day is discomfort and embarrassment. I always thought marriages were partnerships. Then again. I ALSO didn’t think it was every girl’s dream to have annoying characters dancing around. Or to NEED something like that to make it a day they won’t forget.

  3. Oh. My. God. I just projectile vomited everywhere after reading Darlene’s post.

    “That is is wonderful and it shows that there are a few good men out there that support their wives unlike you. It is every girl’s dream to be married in a Hello Kitty wedding. If everyone had a fairytale wedding like that, there would be a lot less divorce and meanness in the world. Instead of your constant complaining, why don’t you try and learn something from this upstanding individual who actually knows how to treat women right”

    No! Most women don’t want this! Supporting your spouse is a two-way street. . . . And it’s sexist to say that weddings only matter to females.

    As a woman and (more importantly) a human being, your one-sidedness makes me cringe. And fairy tale weddings/marriages don’t exist. That’s what makes them “fairy tales.” Ugh.

    And “a lot less divorce and meanness in the world”? You’re right, Darlene. Intolerance to Hello Kitty is the leading cause of divorce . . . as well as meanness.

  4. I would love to have a hello kitty wedding!!! Oh yes!!! And surprisingly enough I am actually sane too :) my partner would never agree, and I can’t really blame him, blokes just don’t understand the whole hello kitty thing, and if my fella did I would be concerned about his sexuality. My dreams of my hello kitty wedding stay in my head :( Hello Kitty rules!! ?

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