Hello Kitty Shotaro Kaneda Tattoo Akira Manga Anime

In a continuing sign that all is not right in the world, people still believe for some unfathomable reason that it’s a good idea to combine Hello Kitty and other anime characters into tattoos — which only produces Hello Kitty Hellish results. There isn’t much more you can say about something like the Hello Kitty Shotaro Kaneda tattoo:

Hello Kitty Shotaro Kaneda tattoo

For those not familiar, Shotaro Kaneda is a character from the anime Akira, but a single look at it and it doesn’t matter if you are familiar or not because the result is horrific either way. Next thing you know there are going to be biker gangs in Japan that adopt this as their badge, which is probably what Sanrio has anticipated will happen and they have already begun designing a line of Hello Kitty Kaneda biker clothes. I know, you think that I have finally lost it, but before you dismiss this, simply look through the previous posts I’ve made and you’ll see that something like this would actually not be all that out of line…which just shows the extent of the hello Kitty Hell I live in…

Sent in by Brian (who has also created the Hello Kitty Afro Samurai tattoo, the Hello Kitty Vampire tattoo, the Hello Kitty Jesus Tattoo and the Hello Kitty Darth Vader tattoo — which pretty much covers the worst of the worst in Hello Kitty tattoos. Not only does he deserve to have all these tattooed onto his own body, they should be visible so that he has to live with the shame of ever coming up with these concepts and for thinking even for a split second that creating them and sending them to me could ever be a good idea…

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36 Responses to Hello Kitty Shotaro Kaneda Tattoo Akira Manga Anime

  1. Kitteh!! says:

    That is an absolutely ace tattoo. I was worried, up until I saw the photo.

  2. andophiroxia says:

    Wow. I would have to agree wtih you there. It is a cool tattoo.

  3. moriyah says:

    It is not a cool tattoo. It is ruining one of the greatest anime movies ever made. Seriously…. this makes me a bit peeved. Nothing is safe from the evil feline.

  4. Kitteh!! says:

    It’s fan art and a deform. In fact, if the models weren’t so d@mn expensive, I’f be considering the idea.

  5. mhkitty says:

    Brian, you rule!
    And, yes, nothing is dafe from being kittified!
    We must all learn to just live with it :)

  6. mhkitty says:

    Just remember it can always get worse guys….
    Brian, has anyone asked you to do a Hello kitty Chewbaca tattoo?

  7. Brian says:


    Lol, nothing is safe especially around me. I can turn just about anything into hello kitty and probably eventually will.

    No, I haven’t been asked to do a hello kitty chewbaca yet but I was planning on drawing tattoo flash sheet of star wars hello kittys and tons of other movie/show/cartoon characters.

  8. lsuhillary says:

    I am new to this site. I love it and HK, but just curious what does your wife think of your blog? Do she have one too?

  9. Puppy says:

    Hmm.. I just figured out what was bothering me… HK.. with eyebrows!! lol :D

  10. ghost says:

    this kinda fits with your hello kitty drug posts, (there are a lot of drugs in akira, and even on the jacket there is a pill on the back) EVEN SO, this mortifies me. i don’t know if i can finish the series now because i’m scared i’ll see hello kitty in there, its especially sad because i only have the last book left. grr

  11. Kitteh!! says:

    That’s what I mean; it looks like Brian’s done a deform Kaneda in HK fancy dress.

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  13. RSKS says:

    so hello kitty is a boy now? i thought that was dear daniel’s job to fill in that void.

  14. Krissy says:

    NO HK is not a boy…but you can imagine anything you want!!

    I’ll send in a pic of my tat as soon as it’s all healed! Me…personally…I LOVE IT!! And it’s already looking way better on my 16 yr. old daughter! She heals so much faster!

  15. Preschool Borg says:

    There is nothing cute about Hello Kitty. It’s truly a shame when a grown woman or grown man becomes obsessed with something so deviant as Herr Kitty.

    (so says the woman who has decorated her kitchen in spiderman)

  16. Puppy says:

    lol can’t wait to see it

  17. bear_1 says:

    It is beyond fugly, and who in their right mind would want that damn cat permanently imprinted on their skin? (Oh, wait, we’re talking about HK fanatics here. Never mind…)

  18. Silent Bob says:

    I just can’t resist bagging the snot out of this idiot, so here i go again….
    Firstly why the hell would this idiot paint something on his/her/it’s body that they wouldn’t hang on their walls???
    can someone please tell me………!!!
    If your mind is so screwed up that you can’t distinguish between a good anime character and the evil destroyer of little girls you have a serious malfunction. I can suggest a good recipe for you and it is a guaranteed cure for your condition.
    ** Please follow instructions carefully**
    1 take One big Pot
    2 Fill Pot with required volume of water
    3 throw in one stone about fist size
    4 Add Hello kitty ( stuffed or Plastic type )
    5 Jump into pot
    6 Stay in Pot
    7 Break egg over face … oh sorry you already have egg on your face
    8 Test to see if stone is soft. If not soft then turn up heat and allow to boil
    9 Grab Hello Kitty by its scrawny neck
    10 Stay in pot until stone is as soft as fresh bread or until your die for the stupidity of getting that dumbass Tattoo…

    End of instructions.

  19. Kitteh!! says:

    Ok Silent Bob, here’s my take.

    I agree with you about the Sanrio marketting tat. I do not wholeheartedly agree with you about the fan art; that I treat on the merits of the individual piece. Yes I like this one (and most of Brian’s stuff actually): This does not mean that I like all HK fan art!

    Oh and incidentally, I think Akira is over-rated; nearly as much so as the Matrix trilogy (mix of Hong Kong cinema wire-fu stuff and a rehash of the Gnostic heresy).

  20. Silent Bob says:

    I concede in that and yes some fan art is quite good and consequently some adaptations but in reality if you have a hello kitty tat then you might as well stand on the docks, Pin a $100 bill to your ass and scream “VICTIM HERE!!!!”
    As someone who actually worked on the Matrix films at Fox Studios i wont deny that they ended up being rubbish. I today have not seen the released version of Matrix 3 But for Akira it has a certain quality to the writing style be it good or bad.
    I think that the HK realm is perfect for the younger generation but like everyone we eventually need to let go of our childhood some time or another.

  21. Silent Bob says:

    FYI… i rather like the butterfly tat. It is something that dares to say something and remove itself from that cute and sickening image that is projected.

  22. Kitteh!! says:

    Wildly o/t, but I think the real trouble with the Matrix trilogy is that the Washowskis aren’t as clever as they think they are. Another case in point being sticking the “V-words” monologue into the film of “V”; if a monologue like that was needed, Alan Moore would have written one!

  23. Stratagemini says:

    Wow. I’ll never be able to watch Akira again without Laughing at you Hello Kitty Hell Dude.

    Wonder what Brian will come up with next?

  24. m says:

    Ha! This is cool.
    Yeah, I can say positive things too.
    Plus it’s well done.

  25. Silent Bob says:

    To be frank the washowski brothers ripped off the stories for the matrix and lost the case, subsequently the studio and those hacks have to pay Billions to the real author…. I agree with you totally.
    It was only a job

  26. Kitteh!! says:

    The only people I’d blame for a “bad film” in that sense other than screen talent are writers, directors and producers. Ok?
    Do you mind being asked what discipline within film making you’re in? I’m not in that business myself.

  27. Adriane says:

    Mr. HKH, post something new soon, or I will be forced to start sending you pictures of my apartment…and the HK bathroom of hell!

  28. Kitteh!! says:

    Come on Adriane, go for it anyway!! Pretty please with an apple on top! :D

  29. Silent Bob says:

    I design the electronics and a lot of equipment that just makes the movies work these days. so much of the movies and the frame syncing is important to get the right efx. i.e the helicopter scene in matrix and in MI2 but the best was Dark City with the mechs. Star wars was a real mind ***** with the tech in that!
    Could ramble on all night but i am sure that you dont want to hear about that junk.
    Time to get back to giving Hello Kitty heads a hard time…

  30. Kitteh!! says:

    Sounds like a variation on my own job in real-time software, creating multi-source synthetic video displays?

  31. jasmine cupcake says:

    this person has terrible skin look how red it is

    and dont tell me because the tattoo is new because it looks healed

  32. kittywhiteee says:

    This is just ugly.

  33. Kitteh!! says:

    Jasmine, that skin looks mildly sunburned to me; notice how the pink is pretty constant at the bottom of the picture, and gets patchy at the top? You know, like the tattoo is about the height of sleeve cuffs on a variety of tee-shirts.

  34. a says:

    Dude that’s totally awesome!!!

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  36. pi says:

    lol, eyebrows and acne.
    i think the bad skin is becauses he/she had shaved to show off the tat.
    i vote to put HK in Cat Soup

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