Hello Kitty Safari

Well, I guess I can always dream:

Hello Kitty safari postcard

Hello Kitty safari postcard

I think it would have been more appropriate if she had been hunted down with a Hello Kitty shotgun, but then again, who am I to nitpick…

Sent in by Aein (via commercial archive) who deserves a beer on me if we should ever meet for bringing a smile to my face, but next time needs to invite me along for the hunt…

69 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Safari

  1. Acton, oh wow!!! Can I suggest that just bondage isn’t enough, and you need to go with blindfold and ear defenders too in that case!? 😉

  2. Oh $HIT!
    Are you kidding me?!?!?!
    That’s just wrong!
    No man should have to go through that!!!!!
    Poor man!
    New Question:
    Why have we not seen the pictures of her getting rid of 200 HK items!!!! Show me the pictures!

  3. Actually I was thinking more like using the room a la A Clockwork Orange (book and movie) where forced Alex DeLarge to watch violence in order to “reform” him.

    Ps. I remembered being told when I was in Japan, Love Hotels are not just for illicit tryst but used by married couples because of small size and multiple generation in the same home. Sometimes it the way the couple can get some privacy

    just kidding mr. HKH
    no you wife locked you in Puroland. 😀

  4. Haha, it’s good you got a kick out of it~

    However, in lieu of the beer, I’d gladly accept your wife’s unwanted Hello Kitty goods. :)

  5. I tell you, what I damn near cried when it reached 900~ something and then slowed down!
    I was on the edge of my chair and had it open for two days straight at work… surprised I wasn’t fired! :)

  6. Tink was already put in an airtight jar(please youtube Peter Pan- Disney), she didn’t die. Barbie is missing too. But to me hunting toys like they’re big game is extremely childish, so the campaign is giving me the wrong vibe.

  7. The tree in the second picture is the tree from Pocahontas. (the Disney cartoon?)
    The one she went to for guidance and stuff?
    I’m so sure that’s it… I can’t think of any other trees with faces…

  8. Ha. True Hello Kitty never dies.
    À SANRIO covert agent under the disguise of à French speaking curiouser and curiouser type.

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