Hello Kitty Boba Fett Tattoo

Even though it’s completely obvious to any sane person that Hello Kitty and tattoos don’t mix, they keep arriving in my email box. I’m not sure what the fascination is with Star Wars and Hello Kitty tattoo combinations, but seeing as that there have already been a Hello Kitty Darth Vader tattoo and a Hello Kitty storm trooper tattoo, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that someone would feel the need to get a Hello Kitty Boba Fett tattoo:

Hello Kitty Boba Fett Tattoo

My wife thinks that because I like Star Wars that this would be a perfect tattoo for me (she mentioned the same thing about the storm trooper and Darth Vader Hello Kitty tattoos as well). All I can say is that this is once again just completely wrong — something that seems to happen far too often when you live in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by Kimi who I should wish terrible things to happen to for ever thinking it would be a good idea to send something like this to me, but having to live with this tattoo is more punishment than I could ever conceive…

Update: You knew that there would have to be more than one and it’s further proof that Hello Kitty is the darkside:

hello kitty boba fett tattoo

Sent in by Merriam

57 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Boba Fett Tattoo

  1. HK Junkie. For the record. Intergalactic war should never be “kawaii”. Bounty hunters are not cute. Star Wars and cute should never be mixed. We have learned this from the abomination that was Jar Jar. Hang your head in shame.

  2. I just showed this to my boyfriend thinking he’d be disgusted with the desecration of Boba Fett, just like i am. But instead he said he liked it and would consider getting it. I may be dating a future fanatic. I knew that he had a somewhat excessive love of cats in general, but my mistake was not realizing how this might affect my own HelloKittyHell.

    From now on I will restrict all access to the Kitty, and make sure to paint her in as evil a light as possible.

  3. That is MY foot. I have no idea who Merriam is and why she sent it in, but it’s TOTALLY my foot. Also, the picture is crappy quality and it looks way better in real life.

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