Hello Kitty Darth Vader Tattoo

It was bound to happen because, as regular readers well know, this is Hello Kitty Hell and that means there is no limit when it comes to Hello Kittification. It also means that common decency is suspended and the sacrilege event of mixing Hello Kitty with other pop culture icons –which should not happen in the worst of nightmares — is common place. With a Hello Kitty Darth Vader and a Hello Kitty stormtrooper tattoo already in existence, it was only a matter of time before the Hello Kitty Darth Vader tattoo would appear:

Hello Kitty Darth Vader tattoo

There isn’t a lot more to say about this other than it’s wrong…just completely wrong…which, when you think about it, pretty much sums up Hello Kitty Hell in its entirety…

Sent in by tattoo artist Brian from Youngstown, Ohio (via a painting from Nick) who once again deserves the worst of the worst (and possibly a Hello Kitty tattoo of his own) for thinking in any way, shape, or form that sending this to me was a good idea…

58 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Darth Vader Tattoo

  1. LOL I got this tattoo last night…my husband has a real darth vader and i did kitty vader to match. I HAPPEN TO LOVE IT

  2. Hi :) Like my tattoo? This is actually my picture, it was not ‘created’ by Brian neone, its called “Hello Wars” and there is a bunch of fan art that combines multiple star wars characters w/ Hello Kitty. I used to live in Youngstown, OH but now Hail from StL.

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