Low Rise Men’s Underwear

It’s always more than a bit scary when I open my emails with Hello Kitty photos attached because there can be something like the Hello Kitty low rise men’s underwear waiting to greet me inside:


Of course, even worse than seeing something like this is having to listen to my wife’s reaction to it. “Oh, those are soooo cute! You know, we really should get them and then take a photo!”

It is times like this when it actually helps to have lived in Hello Kitty Hell for a long period of time because instead of sitting there with a blank stare of unbelieving incomprehension at what the Hello Kitty fanatic had just said (which will ultimate lead to further Hello Kitty Hell doom down the road), you are able to actually translate what has just been said into language that normal people can comprehend.

In this case: “I have been a Hello Kitty fanatic so long that I fail to realize that a middle aged man with a beer gut in tight Hello Kitty underwear is not something cute, but something that could get him arrested and sent to jail for a long period of time. Even with this blind spot to my senses, I do know if I can get a photo of him in said underwear that it will be perfect blackmail material that will guarantee that I get any Hello Kitty item I want for the next 10 years.”

It’s not going to be a pretty sight when these arrive and it will certainly mean that new depths of Hello Kitty Hell will be reached…

Sent in by Hayley who should have to see all her men wear these monstrosities everyday for the rest of her life for thinking for even a second that sending me this photo could produce anything positive in the world…

196 thoughts on “Low Rise Men’s Underwear

  1. Lmao!
    ok i think these are funny as hell. I dont mind them on a hot guy as a funny thing but like the blogger said on someone with a beer belly i think i’d puke

  2. I really love HK underwear, but when I’ve showed it to my boyfriend craving for appreciation he disappointed me saing: ” Cmon, the only man who is going to wear it is fat, creepy and Japanese-obsessed geek. =( Nevertheless my kitty will say HELLO to that guy;)……

  3. Ok, firstly, hello Kitty is a girls thing. I’ve never seen any guy wear a bag or have pencil case with Hello Kitty, well except in Japan. But Hello Kitty men’s underwear? It’s sooooo sooo unacceptable.

  4. I am male, 24, straight, and would TOTALLY wear those briefs. I cant imagine anything that would be more effective in bringing a woman’s face down to crotch level than flashing those undies on the club floor.

  5. These are the sexiest effin things I have ever seen in my life. I make my bf wear them and he does cuz he loves me…?

  6. My girlfriend loves Hello Kitty, so I got these as a V-day present for her…. a month later I had to buy six more becuase I noticed that whenever I wore them my girlfriend really appreciated it, and so did I.

  7. Darlene: take a xanax and calm it down about 50 notches, its a little overboard to call his “man”hood into question over not liking HK. (she’s probably some 300 lb wildebeest who hasn’t seen a real man her entire life.)
    I hate to say I love these, I’d love them even if they didnt have HK on them, but HK makes it even better. I will buy a pair for my boyfriend who will more than likely only wear these once for my amusement and never again, but as I see it, I wear things for his amusement he can wear something for mine πŸ˜‰

  8. I recently showed these to my gay co-worker. I asked him if he would wear them. He informed me that these were too gay even for him. Will someone please tell Sanrio that they can not just put hello kitty on everything and expect it to be marketable. This is ridiculous!!!

  9. I actually have this pair of undies, and yes, I’m a gay guy. I’m not a flamboyant queer, but I enjoy underwear that are on the harder side to find. It’s something you won’t see too many guys wearing. Feminine symbol or not, I think they’re cute as hell and they definitely stand out.

  10. STOP BULLYING DARLINE!!! SHE DID NOTHING WRONG, YOU WAR LOVING SATANISTS!!!! If this ruin’s my sanriotown rep or attract’s flamers to me I don’t give one.

    Seriously; You LIKE it when men OBSESS over VIOLENT movies and VIOLENT video games and pledge to LOATHE all things NICE and PEACEFULL and INNOCENT??!!!!!!

    Go to hell. All of you.

    I detest ANY Hello Kitty fanatic who is acting like nothing but a brainwashed zombie. Quit your fucking whinning. The only thing wrong with these undies is how tight they are.

    Darline, don’t let them bully you. Your sticking up for the planet. This topic makes me want to atempt suiside all over again. How could humans be so..soo…..


  11. My God not have pitty on any of you…

    If Hello Kitty is EVER evil, this thread is living PROOF of it. And all who posted in it that bullied Darline!!!*scowl’s*

  12. hey i would really love a pair of these! but im not going to bug you about it or leave you terrible comments about how much of a dick you are or anything like that. i just want to say anyway that you are hot and those really fit you well! and im glad i get to do this and talk to you even for this long! please reply!

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