Hello Kitty Men’s Underwear Additions

It had to happen. It was bad enough that my wife thought I should be wearing the Hello Kitty low rise underwear, but you can imagine my shock when they arrived at our door in three additional patterns as well:

hello kitty mens underwear white

hello kitty mens underwear black

hello kitty mens underwear red

Unfortunately it really doesn’t matter what the Hello Kitty pattern on the underwear is — my age and beer belly guarantees that there is no way in Hello Kitty Hell that I will ever look even remotely close to what is pictured above. One would assume that this fact would shock the Hello Kitty fanatic into a sensible reality to where they politely say that maybe the whole idea of Hello Kitty men’s underwear was a bad idea. Unfortunately, the Hello Kitty fanatic seems to be able to disregard flabs of aging skin and fat that make a normal person wearing these so hideously wrong (and guarantee instant arrest if ever seen in public).

There is just something terribly wrong in the world when despite all this, my wife still wants the evil feline to provide my below-the-belt support…

66 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Men’s Underwear Additions

  1. i hate to admit it… but i have these on right now. ignoring the fact that they have a satan cat on them… they make the meat and potatoes feel like they are floating on a cloud.

  2. me n the wife just picking some out now.owt to get the rumpy pumpy goin again ! at 65 we hope it’ll work for us cuz we love cats.purrrfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i hate the tightness and the body D: D: ewwwwwwwwwyewewewew
    i drew hello kitty on my honeys plain white boxers ^_____^ they’re fabulous!

  4. Can someone tell me where I can find this hello kitty stuff for guys in Montreal??? Even the website??? I can’t find this stuff… and by the way, I’d look hot in those boxers. god knows I spend enough time at the gym.

  5. I LOVE these!! I have three pairs of the whites, three pairs of the blacks and one of the red (not shown here). I’m man enough to wear Hello Kitty, are you?

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